by bowlds 08 May 2017


I am wondering if the size of your button collection is in direct correllation to your age.....if so, I must be a hundred! Show me yours so I don't feel like a hoarder!!!


by jrob Moderator 21 May 2017

Go to Pinterest and look up Button Art when you have a couple of spare hours. It's amazing!

by vickia 19 May 2017

So glad I am not alone! The sad thing for me mine are in recycled coffee jars so it also shows how much coffee I have drunk!

by asterixsew Moderator 09 May 2017

Yesterday while in the fabric shop a mum and daughter came in. The little girl is under 7 and we were told that each time she has a swimming lesson her mum buys her a button. The lass is slowly collecting her own collection and her mum uses it as a incentive to get her out of the changing rooms quickly before the fabric shop shuts at the end of the day. (swimming lesson is as school ends)
My own button collection is modest compared to fabric or threads. Some from my grandmother some from my mother and mil. My younger daughter is putting a grand collection together too. I think we all remember as children the fun of sorting through a button box. Its a start to learning about size, numbers, colours, oh the list is never ending.

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bowlds by bowlds 09 May 2017

Can you imagine the great buttons you'd have when you are an adult!?

by Sewmum1 08 May 2017

I see I am not alone! I have tons of buttons and let anyone who needs some to help themselves except those that belonged to my grandmother. Many of her buttons have stories to go with them.

When my girls turned 2, I bribed (read rewarded) them with a button of their choice once I had done what I needed to at the fabric shop. They were always so delightfully behaved and everyone did and still does comment how well mannered they are! They both have their own button collections and a special tin to keep them in. Their collections are beautiful and contain all manner of buttons from sparkly to miniature to fancy shapes. They love to just play with them.

You are definitely not a hoarder! You are saving them from landfill!

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bowlds by bowlds 09 May 2017

What a great idea! Children love to touch every one. I do justify my collection by saying they are too good to toss!

by barba 08 May 2017

I have a plastic tote full of buttons that my grandkids love to paw through. It is a collection of buttons that belonged to my Mom and when she passed I have it since I am the only one who sews. I add to it whenever I have buttons I remove before discarding worn out items. No organization here except I love green so I have pulled out most of the green buttons and put them in a canister. Thanks for the pics, love it. Hugs, Barba

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bowlds by bowlds 09 May 2017

I'm glad others feel as I do about them. I would never think to throw away a button!

by ansienaude 08 May 2017

He he he now i feel normal have lots and lots of buttons and still buying i just luv looking and scrathing in them but they are more a less organised in colour great enjoyment for me to find new ones special glass ones so happyness to button hoarders

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bowlds by bowlds 08 May 2017

bright and shiny, bright and shiny!

by graceandham 08 May 2017

Oops! Forgot to answer your question. In direct correlation to my age, plus my mother's and grandmothers' and great aunt's ages at death. Plus, I recycle shirts from the Goodwill into cotton fabric and keep those buttons.

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bowlds by bowlds 08 May 2017

We are sisters.

by cfidl 08 May 2017

You have an excellent button collection. Mine is not as impressive. I love antique and glass buttons. There is a frog, dragonfly and mermaid glass buttons.

bowlds by bowlds edited 08 May 2017

Awesome! I have a jar of glass buttons, I love them also~

noah by noah 08 May 2017

don't think i have ever seen one tell us more???

cfidl by cfidl 09 May 2017

go to ebay and search glass buttons vintage and the most beautiful pieces will come up. Many from the Czech Republic.

by parkermom 08 May 2017

I have a lot,but they're not organized like yours. And, my daughters keep raiding them for their projects. I'm envious of your organization and your cabinets and the amount!

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bowlds by bowlds 08 May 2017

Thanks, I've been made fun of because I my organization!

by graceandham 08 May 2017

Time for a seasonal banner with the message spelled out in buttons! Or a "welcome" sign.

bowlds by bowlds 08 May 2017

I had 2 girls in 4-H and that did help thin them out!

asterixsew by asterixsew 09 May 2017

Please what is 4-H?

bowlds by bowlds 06 Nov 2017

Sorry, just noticed this!

by PeggyJ 08 May 2017

Been collecting buttons for years. Only problem is when 8 buttons are needed I only have 7 of that type. Happens all the time! But, I still keep collecting. Same with zippers and bias tape. The zippers and bias tape I've been saving over the years seem to not be right size, color and not long enough length. Go figure.

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bowlds by bowlds 08 May 2017

I know what you mean....but I just tell myself I am recycling and then I'm good to go!