by basketkase 03 May 2017

This is an order stitched on white leather for a client who is reupholstering a boat interior......he wanted me to duplicate the emblem (shown in silver) for the back of the seat......his is redoing the paint job in blue which is why the design is stitched in blue and to recreate the black inner shading I did a triple stitch in the center of the design with dark blue.....I sent him a pic and he loves it.....I have 3 more to do......


by graceandham 04 May 2017

What a fantastic logo. And what a great digi. Congratulations on a great job.

by elemausi 04 May 2017

Wow, looks great, I allways thougt the stitches will demage the leather.

by katydid 03 May 2017

Terrific!! What needle did you use? Kay

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basketkase by basketkase 04 May 2017

My normal 75/11 ceramic needle......

by sonjapotgieter 03 May 2017

Beautiful....Awesome work done!!!

by sdrise 03 May 2017

Wow this came out so fantastic!! Nice job!

by stork 03 May 2017

Looks wonderful! You do such a great job......wish I could do that.

by pennyhal2 03 May 2017

I am green with envy of your ability to make such fabulous things! Looks like a perfect stitchout to me!

by Sewmum1 03 May 2017

Looks great.