by pennifold 30 Apr 2017

Hi Cuties, does anyone know which state Miss Lillian (lbrow) is from in the United States? I thought she was from the southern states and she hasn't seen my request to let me know. Love Chris


by lbrow 01 May 2017

Sorry Chris . Had power outage here yesterday and last night. Have had my hands full. I am a native Georgian and proud of it but have lived in Alabama off and on now for quite a few yrs/Lillian

by jrob Moderator 01 May 2017

She's from Georgia, but now lives in Alabama. (we Georgians take credit for our really good accomplishments) :)

lbrow by lbrow 01 May 2017

Ahhhh Georgia on my mind this morning Jerrilyn. From the mountains to the sea, where her rivers roam, there I ever long to be, Georgia, my heart, my home/Lillian

jrob by jrob 01 May 2017

You sweet Georgia peach!

by graceandham 30 Apr 2017

The northern part of Alabama, but don't call her a Yankee!

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lbrow by lbrow 01 May 2017

Married to one but sure am not myself.

by brendaburgess 30 Apr 2017

Chris she lives in Alabama

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lbrow by lbrow 01 May 2017

Brenda, was just thinking of you the other day. How in the world are you? Still in Louisiana?