by michemb 26 Apr 2017

Hi cuties,

It is with great happiness that I can announce, if things go as planned, on Oct. 31st I will become a grandmother for the first time. So excited I can hardly contain myself. Head is on overload with all that I want to do for this new baby. Waiting to see if it is a girl or a boy.
Had to share this with you all,
have a great day
hugs and flowers to all


by sewdeb 28 Apr 2017

Oh, Michelle, I am so happy for you! What a wonderful adventure you're about to start! I know that little one will be the best outfitted boy or girl EVER thanks to all the terrific items lovingly made by you! Hugs* Deb

by sdrise 28 Apr 2017

Congratulations!!! Enjoy the new title and glad everyone is doing fine.

by michemb 28 Apr 2017

Thank you everyone, if my list gets any longer I will have to ask my daughter in law to hold it in for at least another month lol. I only hope that my house renovations get started and finished earlier so that my sewing room is not disabled to long. Once I know the sex for sure I will be unstoppable. It will be so exciting.
Have a great day cuties and thanks for all your kinds words and wishes,

by graceandham 27 Apr 2017

Fantastic news for you and lucky baby to have your talents available! Congratulations and happy planning.

by tuross 27 Apr 2017

Congratulations. It's wonderful being a grandmother, all the fun and very little of the responsibility, best of all, you get to sew gorgeous things for it.
Lynne in OZ

by parkermom 27 Apr 2017

Congratulations to you! Grandma love is so great. My granddaughter is almost one now, and the love I feel for her is indescribable.

by maleah 27 Apr 2017


by kathymourie 27 Apr 2017

Congratulation!!! I am sew excited for you!!!

by lbrow 26 Apr 2017

Congratulations, as a Grandmother you will reach another milestone in life and it's wonderful!/Lillian

by jrob Moderator 26 Apr 2017

Oh, I am so happy for you! You are going to have a ball sewing for this little angel.

by noah 26 Apr 2017

Congrats on your wonderful news hugs

by babolucia 26 Apr 2017

Great! Now you can sew your beautiful baby items for your own little ones!

by pennifold 26 Apr 2017

I'm thrilled beyond words Michelle. Grand-children are such a delight and I know your head will be spinning with all sorts of things to make for this new little bundle of joy. I pray that the pregnancy goes smoothly and the mother has a safe delivery. Prayers and loving thoughts being sent your way. I've PM'd you. Love Chris

by gerryvb 26 Apr 2017

congratulations, it's great to be a grandma, I expect to see many babyprojects now. Enjoy the excitement.

by ansienaude 26 Apr 2017

To be a granny is the best feeling ever congratulations happy sewing

by airyfairy 26 Apr 2017

Nothing like a first grandchild. Congratulations to you.

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airyfairy by airyfairy 27 Apr 2017

Have just seen the date. My eldest grand child is Josh, born 30th. October.

by lilylady 26 Apr 2017

Grandma's are the best, Have fun!

by annettem 26 Apr 2017

Congrats, I'm expecting 1st grandchild in June, sew busy quilting and sewing, sew much fun!!!

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airyfairy by airyfairy 26 Apr 2017

Congratulations to you too

by rescuer Moderator 26 Apr 2017

Wonderful news! I am sure the baby will be well dressed with many adorable blankets and bibs.

by jerrib 26 Apr 2017

Congratulations Michelle:
I am so excited for you. Being a Grandmother is the best. Oct. 31st was my GM's Birthday.
This baby will have so many fun and exciting gifts that you have made and treasures to keep for a lifetime.

by designgirl 26 Apr 2017

Congratulations. You will be over the moon and back in October.

by asterixsew Moderator 26 Apr 2017

Michelle great congratulations to all of you. Today is my first day minus grandchildren for 10 days. Grandchildren are great fun and you get to do lots of super things with them. I hope you live near and can start of with lots of cuddles and as they grow the fun takes off. Caroline grandmother of 4 (2 of each)

by crafter2243 Moderator 26 Apr 2017

Congratulation. What wonderful news. I can't blame you for being over the moon over this news. Machine will go into overdrive.

by Sewmum1 26 Apr 2017

That's exciting news. Congratulations. Hope Mum doesn't have too difficult a pregnancy and everything goes smoothly