by asterixsew Moderator 27d ago

Help please. I have just been handed 4 bath towels and 6 flannels to embroider with names for a friends grandchildren. I am always clueless as to how to charge for such items. So please how much does one charge for a job like this where you live? Thanks fellow Cuties


by noah 27d ago

Charge 5 bucks for just a name here in Canada but if u add lace or design then up it to 10 bucks ***Works well for me hugs carolyn

by babash 27d ago

If you charge $5 for each item it would bring you $50.
That would cover the time to do names in computer and all supplies.
Remember to be affordable but not losing on the deal at the same time.

by graceandham 27d ago

Five years ago the shop where I shop was still taking in embroidery jobs. At that time, she charged $10 for any name up to 8 letters or for 3 initials. Above the 8 letters, was maybe something like 50 cents (1/2 dollar) per letter. I of course, would take less because there are multiple pieces and there might be some good repeat business from this grandmother. Remember, it takes you just as long to stitch for a friend as for a stranger!

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asterixsew by asterixsew 27d ago

Thanks for your reply. I will work out your costs to mine. I have sewn for this friend a number of times