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by pacmp ( edited 22 Apr 2017 ) 22 Apr 2017

Not sure what I am doing wrong- When I have had memberships in the past - this is on the Amazing site membership- I would download as normal using the membership button, "Save as" and choose the zipped file verses the all files choice, downloading HUS format, but for some reason I am having them still download the page which the one I checked had not worked as it was a pack or set of designs but worrying if I need to also now check each individual file also???- When it did not download the Zip file for the HUS I was able to go in and try to save it under Vp3 instead and sometimes that worked, other times not that way either. Any clue as to what I am doing different or wrong? I will be off line for the next 18 hours, but appreciate any help people can come up with. Having this need 2-4 or more times on each file, going back and for then having to check it against it loading to the dongle and then OK the file loading to the machine for each file prior to moving onto the next going to kill my being able to get through all the files going at that rate and definitely going to have to move the machine next to my bed. Scared if this will need to happen throughout all the files I need to be downloading. I was planning on just re-downloading the single page files over again as I was worried with the computer crash and restoring those designs, the time it would take to verify each one I thought it would be best just to redo them but now with this issue I would not know if those files were working correctly either, without verifying each one of those page files from my previous membership. Hopefully someone will have a clue about what is happening. I have windows 8.1 on an Asus lap top and FireFox is what I tend to use. I very much appreciate any help or insight others may have.



by crafter2243 Moderator 22 Apr 2017

Pam I usually download the individual file as the are being produced. Could you send the moderators the file numbers you have problems with, so we can check them out. I also do not understand the Zip File verses the "All files" choice. All packs download as a zip and the individual files are just that. With both you have to make your choice of format. Hope to get this straightened out for you soon.

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pacmp by pacmp 22 Apr 2017

Thank you once we get to our daughters I will write some numbers. I appreciate the help. Pam