by peafarm 4d ago

This one is for you, Kim [Dragonflyer]-sorry it has taken me so long--so many projects and so lack of motivation on my part-why I did not do it when I first got it I do not know-your instructions are perfect as is the embroidery. I love her and she will be my yrly treasure. Got BL Flourish in Nov and hubs still does not know and only used her twice--what does that tell you about me. She is hidden under a swatch of cotton polka dot fabric. You can't see the mylar strands in the hat brim or tummy but that is what I used--mylar stranded felt, black fleece and Christmas scrap for hat. Thank you so much after my begging.


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by ethan 2d ago

This is lovely, I love these penguins

by dixie 2d ago

I just love these little penquins but unfortunately I missed out on getting this design.I love the ITH designs of toys as I make a lot for our baby parcels which are given to needy Mums, by the Country Womens Association that I belong to. We all do a lot of things as Volunteers for many people in the Community

by dragonflyer 2d ago

Nice job, glad you got her done!

by sonjapotgieter 3d ago

Stunning!!!Great work done...Beautiful design!!!

by brendalea 3d ago

Did a nice job on the penguin, looks great. Thank you for sharing.
Happy Stitching!!!

by stork 3d ago

These little guys/gals are so sweet. I still have a little girl to make and now need one for a new grand due in August. Love your Christmas stripe fabric for the hat.

by Sewmum1 3d ago

It looks great. Amazing secret you have, I couldn't keep a BL a secret for long. I would just have to get it out and use it.

by pennifold 4d ago

Great job, love Chris

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peafarm by peafarm 3d ago

Hi Chris--hope all is well in Australia. Hope your quilt is going along but seems like I read where something happened to you or you were sick. Hope back to health.

by noah 4d ago

Bettter late then never right??Turned out excellent too hugs

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peafarm by peafarm 3d ago

Hi Carolyn--don't thing anyone can keep up with you. You are queen of staying busy at the machines.

by volna7505 4d ago

Hello, I won this wonderful little penguin!!! I want to ask you for this design, with love and respect!!!

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peafarm by peafarm 3d ago

It is not mine--the Cutie I mentioned is sole owner and digitizer of this design. She does wonderful work. Thank you.

by toogie 4d ago

She's a beauty! You gotta love those eyes and 'lips'-Toogie

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peafarm by peafarm 3d ago

The lips I think are what grabbed at me and had me begging. They are just so cute--I think I am afraid of venturing too far off my beaten track but found this so easy and her stitches are wonderful. You've been making wonderful things--just view your little dress.