by asterixsew Moderator 18 Apr 2017

Attention perraut please will you look in your inbox. Merci


by perraut 20 Apr 2017

Hello, I received your message. They are of course, good links. My visibly French blogs do not seem admitted. The moderator told me that no " x " in the text was allowed.Now, in the French langage, we have a lot of " x " in our words, both for, and adjectives ( " ) .
All this has become a headache for me, AND FROM NOW ON I WILL NOT POST ANYTHING.
Greetings; Cricri de Paris .

rescuer by rescuer 20 Apr 2017

You were not told you could not post the letter X
Due to language issues, I had crossed out the links you posted that you may not post here. There are several websites that offer illegal designs. We do not allow those website links here.

rescuer by rescuer 20 Apr 2017

The example website you gave is not allowed as they do not have license to produce or offer the designs on the website.

L'exemple que vous avez donné n'est pas autorisé puisqu'ils n'ont pas de licence pour produire ou offrir les dessins sur le site.
On vous a dit que vous ne pouviez pas poster la lettre X
En raison des problèmes de langue, j'ai dépassé les liens que vous avez publiés pour ne pas poster ici. Plusieurs sites Web offrent des designs illégaux. Nous n'autorisons pas les liens du site Web ici.

by asterixsew Moderator 18 Apr 2017

Veuillez cliquer sur le lien ci-dessous. Merci