by basketkase 18 Apr 2017

Got one done today.......this is called Paper Trail and will be up on my website tonight....


by maisiebo 19 Apr 2017

So cute love it

by sonjapotgieter 19 Apr 2017

Great cute design!!!!Gorgeous

by pennyhal2 19 Apr 2017

Without a doubt that is a universal pet behavior! Love the expression on his face!

by evilsoft 19 Apr 2017

Love it. But the cat would stand defiant on top of the paper - even as it wound over her back.

by graceandham 19 Apr 2017

So cute. Yes, I need the cat version - ask your artist!

by Sewmum1 19 Apr 2017

very cute design, My cat does this!

by sdrise 19 Apr 2017

HEHE I have seen this one before in real life with my dog years ago hehe Brought back some funny memories!!

by noah 19 Apr 2017

Lol good one Mr.Peeko has been known to play with these lol

by katydid 18 Apr 2017

Oh! My! I actually had a dog do this once. Her name was Sissy and had her in the 1960's You brought back memories. Kay

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basketkase by basketkase 19 Apr 2017

I had a cat (Tobi) who did this......I laugh about it now!