by noah 17 Apr 2017

Finished my bowl and yes i used 100% everything except the snaps lol This is for me i have a convection oven not microwave oven and this will work for ME!!!!Will make more when i get back to it lol Thanks for LQQKING!!!hugs Carolyn


by sonjapotgieter 18 Apr 2017

Well done...Great job!!!Beautiful!!

by sewdeb 18 Apr 2017

Looks good, Carolyn, but I'd keep an eye on it when you use it. Convection Ovens still use heating elements like a regular oven. Hugs*

by mechille 18 Apr 2017

Looks good Carolyn... :)

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noah by noah 18 Apr 2017

Thanks hugs

by pennifold 18 Apr 2017

Great job, but I wouldn't use this is a normal oven, I think this should only be used for a Microwave oven. It would be like baking cotton and it could catch alight and burn. Love Chris

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noah by noah 18 Apr 2017

It is a microwave and conventional hard to explain hugs

by dollygk 18 Apr 2017

I'm pretty sure that using this in a convection oven means you will be baking it...... and it will get hot..... be careful LOL

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noah by noah 18 Apr 2017

yes i will thanks

by Sewmum1 18 Apr 2017

Looks great. Not sure I would be game to use in a convection oven though. hope it holds up for you

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noah by noah 18 Apr 2017

Me to we will see lol

by Smokey12 17 Apr 2017

Great idea. Please let me know if the snaps hold up. I have been afraid to use them.

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noah by noah 17 Apr 2017

Will play show and tell yes:):)

by babash 17 Apr 2017

Glad to see you got it to work out for you.

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noah by noah 17 Apr 2017

thanks hugs

by crazypatchmama 17 Apr 2017

Love the idea of using this for a conventional oven. am always afraid to sew something for my microwave because I am never sure of the material I have.

noah by noah 17 Apr 2017

Welllllllllll i used everything right for the mickie and still started to burn really i am not impressed with this idea lol

crafter2243 by crafter2243 17 Apr 2017

BE CAREFUL. In the convention oven this can catch on fire. The original project was meant for the microwave oven.