by lisafredee 10d ago

Can all of the single designs be found in a pack?


by mops Moderator 9d ago

- Not all designs come in packs

- There is not much overlap between the sister sites. Only exception are that some of the fonts of this site or Amazing Embroidery Designs are also found in CuteAlphabets, Should that be the case you'll find a notice - see picture, where in this case the Gold font from CuteEmbroidery is also available in CuteAlphabets. It states: If you have a paid membership of CuteEmbroidery, you are able free download this design.

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lisafredee by lisafredee 9d ago

Thanks Just dont want to waste time downloading if I already have it in a pack or from sister site.

by crafter2243 Moderator 10d ago

Welcome to Cute
If it is a pack it holds all of that particular series. For instance when you click on Pack and choose Classic Font all 28 designs of that Alpha will be included in that pack. I hope that makes sense.

lisafredee by lisafredee 10d ago

Are there singles that are not included in a pack? Also are there any designs that are duplicated on the two sister sites?

crafter2243 by crafter2243 10d ago

Yes there are. When I started my membership I started on the last page and worked my way to the most current Very rarely are their duplicates between the sites.. Membership here is only for Cute and not for any of the sister sites.