by basketkase 7d ago

Happy Easter from my family to all of yours!!


by pennifold 6d ago

Happy Easter to you too Vicki, hope you have had a wonderful weekend, filled with family, love and happiness. Love Chris

by sewdeb 6d ago

Thanks, Vicki and I wish the same to you and yours! Hugs* 🐣🐥🐰

by markus 6d ago

The same to you thank you

by graceandham 6d ago

I'd recognize that sweet Easter Bunny face anywhere!

by sdrise 7d ago

Happy Easter to you and your family too Vikki! Thank You!!

by pacmp 7d ago

Happy Easter to each of our Cuties. My words are inadequate of expressing how much gratitude, love, honor, and respect I have for all that Jesus Christ has done, and continues to do for me in my life. May we each more fully think about the events and meaning behind all that Christ did, and taught, by living our lives more in tune with that knowledge. Pam

by airyfairy 7d ago

Same to you my friend. Hugs Sarah

by crafter2243 Moderator 7d ago

Thank you. To you as well.

by mariagiannina 7d ago

Happy Easter to you and your family from our family!