by noah 13 Apr 2017

Ok here my ith bowl big flop***i couldn;t get it turned right side out ***to small of a whole lol***An 8x8 With less quilting???Anyone care to try it?????? thanks for LQQKING!!!!!Thanks cutie for showing me where to buy this beast*****lol Carolyn


by joansatx 15 Apr 2017

How frustrating and disappointing!!!!!Aghhhhhhh! Maybe forget the snaps and iron and sew it closed.

by sdrise 15 Apr 2017

Oh well!! sometimes the old ways are the best ways... You could probably sew up the seams and still use it as a hot mat. Sorry it did not work The other one you did came out great though,

by babash 14 Apr 2017

I can see what you mean about being able to turn it right side out if you have torn it trying to do it.
Perhaps try another one with a thinner batting and see if it makes a difference may not be as thick and hard to turn. You obviously know not to put in microwave as it has snaps on the corners, So that part isn't an issue. If all else fails contact the digitizer and ask what supplies were used in the one on the site.
I know it drives me mad when I can't do something that I have seen.

by jerrib 14 Apr 2017

I think if you made this design with everything 100% cotton, even the thread, then you could use it in the microwave.
Just sew the tips together with cotton thread.

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noah by noah 14 Apr 2017

I think i could do it hugs

by marykukla 14 Apr 2017

I make these all the time for the micro. 2 10 inch squares, 100 % cotton battibg, and 100% cotton thread. Make 4 darts and sew together. Use in micro for up to 3 min. And patterns are free!!

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noah by noah 14 Apr 2017


by sonjapotgieter 14 Apr 2017

Oh My!!!! Still have to try one????

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noah by noah 14 Apr 2017


by katydid 13 Apr 2017

I am of no help. I say sleep on it. I solve many things in my sleep!

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noah by noah 14 Apr 2017

lol thanks

by evilsoft 13 Apr 2017

I agree - There is no way I want a hot bowl holder that I can not put the cold bowl in and then microwave the set. I would do it the old fashioned way before I would give up the ability to microwave it. Here potatoes are cooked in pockets that are also used to warm rolls, and tortillas. All being microwaved while containing the food. 100% cotton and you can microwave it. Ya, the Cam snaps and air points are cute. I would rather stitch the points were she snaps them and be able to microwave it.

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noah by noah 14 Apr 2017

thanks for your nice comment

by dragonflyer 13 Apr 2017

What a shame...what good is this type of bowl if it cannot be put in the microwave....the whole point is to be able to take your bowl out of the microwave when it is hot and not burn your fingers. Glad you made some that really worked...sometimes ITH is not always the best option...

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noah by noah 14 Apr 2017

i see that lol

by crafter2243 Moderator 13 Apr 2017

I find them so easy just to sew and not use the embroidery machine. I made at least 20 of them.

noah by noah 14 Apr 2017

thanks will go see hugs

by shirley124 13 Apr 2017

Have just checked the site where you purchased this from. They say NOT to put them in the Microwave, only use them to place the hot soup bowls in. Hugs

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noah by noah 14 Apr 2017

yep i did?P)?)