by awesome1 13 Apr 2017

For Sewdeb..Eleanor Burns' Applique in a Day. Believe me, it aint gonna happen! haha..I did this "Quilt Block Party" , Series Six pattern on black background...using the lighter tone was stunning. The manual lists colors, has full size patterns and uses the method where you sew to lightweight interfacing, slit the back, and turn right side out....then hand stitch to block. If you want more pix, PM me w/addy to mail them to


by dragonflyer 14 Apr 2017

Lovely...wouldn't it be great if it was done now with the new Scan and Cut machine and appliqued in the hoop!

by sewdeb 14 Apr 2017

Oh, it must have been lovely! All hand appliqued! Wow! Chris is right, that woman knew a masterpiece when she saw it and wouldn't leave without it. I surely hope you got a tidy sum for your quilt! Thanks for showing me the pattern. Hugs*

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awesome1 by awesome1 14 Apr 2017

Thank might inspire me to do another. I had made pillow shams to match---it has been 5-6 yrs now and as I think back--NO, I prob didn't get enough money, but I had not sold quilts before.

by pennifold 13 Apr 2017

Wow! No wonder that lady bought it from you as soon as she saw it. I can just picture it in a black background. Love Chris

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awesome1 by awesome1 14 Apr 2017

It was enjoyable doing the hand stitching, but my plate was not as full back then. I always wanted a black background quilt--I saw this top at a quilt show. Maybe again some day.
Thank you for your comment.