by devon 12 Apr 2017

I am looking to buy some stabilizer where you do get yours and what kind to you like??? Thanks


by pennyhal2 13 Apr 2017

I order mostly from World Weidner and get free shipping, but sometimes you have to shop around for the type of stabilizer you want to use, so I keep a list of places like the ones below that I can purchase from.

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devon by devon 18 Apr 2017

Thank you I will

by sdrise 13 Apr 2017

I get mine from Allstitch .. Fast service and great prices. I use solvy badgemaster and rip and wash away, cut away.. here is the link.

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devon by devon 18 Apr 2017

Thank you

by katydid 13 Apr 2017

I like The Embroidery I think they are some place in North Carolina. My favorite for my kitchen towels, Terry towels and napkins and anything you want the stabilizer to dissolve is Tear and wash. The last I bought was 20" wide x 25 yrds for $13.99. I just went to the site and it is now listed as Tear' N wash 19" wide x 25 yrds. for $15.47 or 19"x50 yrds for $27.42 at even a better buy. I discovered this place a number of years ago and if you sign up for their monthly news letters they have specials. Kay

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devon by devon 18 Apr 2017

Will have to try thanks

by graceandham 13 Apr 2017

sewing - their Medium Tearaway 25 foot roll around $13? I don't pay for shipping as they have a location near me.

graceandham by graceandham 13 Apr 2017

Tears nicely, heavy quality, holds stitches well. I hardly use cutaway any more I like this tearaway so much.

devon by devon 18 Apr 2017

That is what I have been getting. Thanks

by pcteddyb 12 Apr 2017

I get most of mine from World Weidner. They have a site but much of their stock is also on Amazon so very nice if you happen to have Prime. I mostly use no show mesh cut-away but also use their wash away topper and Vilene.

devon by devon 13 Apr 2017

Thank you I have never used cut-away to you like it better?

pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 13 Apr 2017

Cut-away mesh is softer than the other kinds of cut-aways. So, if I'm going to do a tshirt I'd use the mesh.