by shozo1271 12 Apr 2017

two more of the s.a.d. wine ladies from Vicki at Basketkase. I sewed these on the old fashioned cotton towels for my sister. I have already posted the ones I made awhile ago. My sister loves this type of towel, and I love the designs! So... I am going to make all of the ladies for her and for a few of my friends for Christmas! What a great gift, a bottle of wine and one of these towels for my friends and neighbors.


by sonjapotgieter 14 Apr 2017

Great work and designs!!!Beautiful

by jrob Moderator 13 Apr 2017

These are cute.

by katydid 13 Apr 2017

Oh! my! More to add to my collection. Kay

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shozo1271 by shozo1271 13 Apr 2017

Yah, I know what you mean... I think I have purchased all of them now. Love how easy they are to stitch out.

by basketkase 13 Apr 2017

These will be fun and memorable gifts for your fam & friends.....great stitching.......

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shozo1271 by shozo1271 13 Apr 2017

So very cute! Thanks Vicki!

by sewdeb 12 Apr 2017

What fun! Your sister is going to love these! Hugs*, Deb

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shozo1271 by shozo1271 13 Apr 2017

Yes she will... its always a joke after she gets done working that she needs a glass of wine now.