by noah 19d ago

A rice bag done!!!Thanks for LQQKING!!!and for all your help with telling me how to do this and what fill to use ***Cuties are the best****Hugs Carolyn


by mechille 17d ago

Glad you got John one made... I know he will enjoy it.. I need to make me a new one.... just haven't gotten around to it... Great job. Glad the cuties could help out... they are always wonderful people. :)

by graceandham 19d ago

What a lucky guy! It's quite cheerful.

by sebsews 19d ago

Ahhhh the comfort of a rice bag! I love it. Good job. Hugs, Suzanna

by crafter2243 Moderator 19d ago

Glad you got it done. Love the material you used. Very cheerful. I hope hubby is pleased.