by noah 09 Apr 2017

Where would i find this ITH bowl??? My friend is making these and puts her soup bowl in the microwave so she don't burn her fingers lol but she makes them from scrapes ****Thanks Carolyn


by gdsteliga 11 Apr 2017

Thank you for bringing this up. I have been looking for something like this for months now.
I heard a friend at my sewing group talking about making these for her grandson at Christmas. I eat a lot of soup reheated in the microwave and I am always looking for something to grab the bowl with.
God bless.


by mechille 11 Apr 2017

I've never seen them, so I'm no help. But it looks like the cuties are up to the task. :) This would be a big help.

by sewtired 10 Apr 2017

As mentioned by others, every component should be 100% cotton. Synthetics can melt or catch fire. Actually, I think cotton could catch fire if hot enough, as all the directions I have seen say to not leave unattended in the microwave, but I have had no problems. You do have to read the small print as some batting proclaims Cotton in large print and when you find the small print of the contents, it actually has other stuff in it. The size of the square and the dart are not really important. You can drape the square over your upside down bowl and mark the darts to get an exact fit, but I use mine for different size and depth bowls and as long as it's big enough to get a good grip, it works fine. I even like some fairly flat ones for under a plate. Have fun. You'll love them.

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by sdrise edited 09 Apr 2017

I have made a lot of these... Make sure you use cotton batting cotton material and cotton thread. just cut 2/ 10 inch squares of material and batting. Place a piece of fabric and batting together. Do darts in the center of the material that are one inch across and 2 inches down on the middle parts not the corners. The right sides together stitch around the edge leave a space to turn right side out. .Then top stitch around the top Easy to do... Hope that helps!

The batting I use is called wrap and zap for the microwaves

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noah by noah 09 Apr 2017


by joansatx 09 Apr 2017

I found one for ITH but I don't know if the site can be posted here and I don't want to get in trouble for not knowing what's licensed. I'll send you a pm and let you decide!

jrob by jrob 09 Apr 2017

Joan, if you ever have any doubt we are here to help. Just send a PM to all of the moderators (as you never know when one of us will be online and it will allow you to get help more quickly) and we will check a site for you. We have to go check it when it's newly posted anyway, so it's not anymore work for us. Hugs.

noah by noah 09 Apr 2017

thanks Joan hugs and we all understand why you didn't want to post ***thanks

by toogie 09 Apr 2017

Thanks for bringing this up. Whether you microwave or not, they would still be great to use under a hot or ice cold bowl.

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noah by noah 09 Apr 2017

yes for sure hugs

by peafarm 09 Apr 2017

Hi Carolyn--yes, instructions on YouTube--we've made lots in my sewing group and sell great at auction for fund raiser's.

toogie by toogie 09 Apr 2017

Hey, Is the warm and natural batting 100% cotton or what do you use?? I am going to make me some when I get the batting and 100% cotton thread.

noah by noah 09 Apr 2017

thanks hugs

crafter2243 by crafter2243 10 Apr 2017

Toogie "warm and natural" is not a 100% cotton even though it says so. You have to read the fiber content, I Use Pellon Wrap n Zap. I get it from Amazon 10 yards about $15.00

toogie by toogie 10 Apr 2017

Thanks Angie, I've never heard of wrap n zap before this thread. Since our Hancock Fabrics closed Joanne's will be opening in the former store. Maybe I can get it there when they do. I wonder if Hobby Lobby carries it? Will be something I have to look into...thanks again for informing me.

by crafter2243 Moderator 09 Apr 2017

I made a whole lot of them and do not seem to be able to keep any for myself, but I only use the sewing machine. It is fairly easy. There are numerous tutorials on Youtube.

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noah by noah 09 Apr 2017

ok thanks i will look there hugs

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by Sewmum1 edited 09 Apr 2017

I haven't seen this one in the hoop but here a couple of tutorials for one done on a sewing machine

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noah by noah 09 Apr 2017

thanks very much hugs