by barba 08 Apr 2017

I am contemplating getting a machine with a larger hoop area. I currently have the Designer SE but no longer have a dealer within driving distance. There is a Brother dealer that is only about 60 miles away. There is also a Bernina dealer in same area. I have been looking at the Dream Machine and Dream Machine 2 online. Does anyone own them and is there much difference. Does the upgrade kit give you all the included embroideries and features of the Dream Machine 2. I am trying to get research done before the drive. Should I also look at the Bernina, if so which model? Have had Husqvarna Vikings for 30 years and now no dealer. Sad and frustrating. My machine is starting to give me issues. After I do several embroideries my embroidery arm starts clicking and will need to be turned off for a while before the arm will calibrate and allow me to embroider. It will also not keep the pressure even when sewing. She needs some TLC for sure. Thank you in advance for any advice. Hugs, Barba


by asterixsew Moderator 09 Apr 2017

Hi Barba I am a Brother girl. If I were in your position I would be seeing what aftercare each shop is offering. I have about a 3 hour journey each way for servicing etc BUT there is always excellent advice on the phone whenever its needed which has saved me many a panic trip. I have my trusty Bernina minimatic which is infront of me as I write. I have had this great machine for over 40 years I chose to buy from the dealer I did as I knew the dealer for quite a while before I purchased. When I was very unexpectedly given the money to buy a embroidery machine I had a long talk to the dealer who suggested I bought a second hand (pre loved) top of the range machine and not the brand new middle of the road. It was a choice I have never looked back on and through the dealer got a hardly used machine - Brother Galaxie 3000 which I love. Good Luck and have fun deciding what you are going to buy and I know that you will keep us informed as to what you get and why.

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barba by barba 09 Apr 2017

The Dream machine seems to have more features by what I have read so far and reviews seem to point to less complaints and issues. Was told Disney would only endorse a brand with excellent quality and service. Am still having trouble buying for myself even though I would love love love it. Thank you with hugs, Barba

by crafter2243 Moderator 09 Apr 2017

i Love my Brother Dream Machine for which I had purchased the upgrade which makes it a Dream Machine 2. What sold me on the upgrade were the quilting features. I love love love the camera for placement and the new quilting features make it so easy to create quilting around a theme. I can not compare the machine to another brand since I only owned Baby Locks (same as brother) and brother machines. Good luck. Any question shoot me a PM

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barba by barba 09 Apr 2017

Thank you. I want a new machine but am having a hard time convincing myself to purchase. I do better buying for others but love what I have read about this machine. Seems so user friendly. Hugs, Barba

by katydid 08 Apr 2017

I have been a Bernina girl since the late 1970's, but I can no longer afford to buy the latest and greatest. Check them out and if prices are to steep consider a previously loved model. By all means check out other dealers in your area. I have always felt service is as important as the machine. Kay

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barba by barba edited 09 Apr 2017

I have a 34 year old Bernina 930 that I have not used in years. It is strictly sewing and was my first good machine. When we moved back to Maine we did not have a Bernina dealer so when I got into machine embroidery I bought a Husqvarna Viking and have loved them. I no longer have a dealer so would like a machine I could get serviced if necessary. Also mine is having issues. Thank you with Hugs, Barba

by fabricfairy 08 Apr 2017

Hi Barba, I have four Bernina machines , and love all of them ,I am not very good with computers at all but had no troubles using any of my machines , The program to use with them is free on the Bernina USA site, I always use Bernina needles and good threads I would not go the any other brand of machine . Cathy

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barba by barba 08 Apr 2017

Thank you. I will go in and check them out also. Big decision and I am having difficulties with it. Hugs, Barba

by graceandham 08 Apr 2017

Hi, Barba. I adore my Dream Machine and upgrade hoops. I was coming from a Janome and it was very intuitive to learn. I took right to it! I think the upgrade was just a medium step before they came out with new bells and whistles on the Dream Machine 2. Brothers are very low maintenance, except that you have to clean out fairly frequently - learn how to do it yourself! You will be so glad if you choose Brother. As a company I find them very responsive to customer suggesstions. (And my dealer is top notch, which went a long way toward my decision.) If I ever buy another machine, it would be a second Dream Machine. That's how happy I am with it. Happy Hunting. Oh, and I've never used any of the designs that came with the upgrade kit! Oops.

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barba by barba 08 Apr 2017

Love hearing from an actual use of the machine. It is a huge step but I love sewing and embroidery. Nice to know it is basically trouble free. Thanks with hugs, Barba

by pennyhal2 08 Apr 2017

I would certainly visit both dealers and see how each one treats you. I think that the relationship with the dealer is a deciding factor when I have to make a decision. Some just want to sell machines and don't care about helping you with the machine. Last year I bought a Bernina 580. I think they tried to merge computers with sewing machine and sort of missed the mark in my opinion. You have to deal with sorting through a bunch of screens when was very confusing to me...and others in the clase I took with it. So I exchanged it for a Babylock. In other words, try sewing on the machine before you commit to it...not just watch the dealer demo it for you. It looks easy until you start doing it yourself.

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barba by barba 08 Apr 2017

Thank you. Great advice. Hugs, Barba