by pamelahess 07 Apr 2017

I made this Easter outfit for my 3 year old Granddaughter Arya. I embroidered the "egg" pocket (stuffed with a little chick) on it with a row of long 4.0 stitches so that I can easily remove it when Easter is over and she can wear it again. The dress is a Project Runway dress and was a dream to make. Thanks for looking! ~Pam


by toogie 14 Apr 2017

I took the liberty, of adding the link, to your other dress using this pattern. I think it was really pretty in the red, white, and blue but this dress is sweet for easter, too.

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pamelahess by pamelahess 14 Apr 2017

Oh wow! Thank you!..that's really cool!

by katydid 13 Apr 2017

Beautiful grandchild and wonderful job on the dress. Kay

by gwillmann 10 Apr 2017

This is a beautiful outfit for a beautiful girl. The detachable Easter pocket is genius. Do you mind giving me the dimensions for the purse and the length of the strap. I want to make a purse for a 3 year old that lives far away. Thanks

pamelahess by pamelahess 11 Apr 2017

Thank you! The purse is an ITH bag that is 5x7 finished. And the strap is finished at 25". I used an ITH bag/purse design I already had and changed the design up for Easter.

gwillmann by gwillmann 12 Apr 2017

Thank you

by sewdeb edited 09 Apr 2017

Oh, Pam, this is such a darling ensemble! And model, Arya is gorgeous!

And I think the pattern is Simplicity 2265.

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pamelahess by pamelahess 11 Apr 2017

Thank you so much! And you are correct on the pattern. It is a Project Runway pattern and so easy to make!

by lidiad 09 Apr 2017

They are both gorgeous! Your granddaughter looks like a professional model :-)
Hugs, Lidia

by spikkelskat 09 Apr 2017

Beautiful work. She is really blessed

by de105 09 Apr 2017

The dress is very pretty and your Granddaughter looks beautiful in it. Very nice color choice.and you did a great job. I think I will purchase this pattern.

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pamelahess by pamelahess 11 Apr 2017

Thank you. I think you will love the pattern!

by gerryvb 08 Apr 2017

the dress is cute and lovely , and your granddaughter is gorgeous, a beautiful young girl.

by makpnp 08 Apr 2017

Your beautiful granddaughter looks stunning in this wonderful dress--how special to make this for her!
What is the patten name or number?--I'd like to give it a try. Thank you.

pamelahess by pamelahess 11 Apr 2017

Thank you. The pattern is Simplicity 2265. It is a "Project Runway" series and really easy to make.

pamelahess by pamelahess 11 Apr 2017

I did a search on simplicity site and they don't list this anymore, however, if you type in simplicity 2265 into google, that pattern is for sale all over the place for about $4.00.

by bescal 08 Apr 2017

I agree. Both are beautiful. And I bet Arya loves the matching bag. Happy Easter!

by sewdoctor 08 Apr 2017

My first thought was the child and the dress is beautiful, but jenne beat me to it....She really is adorable, and so is the dress. Good idea to sew the pocket on that way, she will get more use of a lovely dress!

by jenne 08 Apr 2017

The dress and the granddaughter are both beautiful.

by michemb 07 Apr 2017

very cute

by baydreamer 07 Apr 2017


by pennifold 07 Apr 2017

Wow Pam, this is just beautiful. I love Aqua on children and you've done an amazing job on this dress. I personally love the little underpants too. A fantastic matching set. Your grand-daughter is so beautiful and what gorgeous hair too. Well done, love Chris

pennifold by pennifold 07 Apr 2017

Would you please let us know the name of the Pattern of this cute dress. I've just been onto Project Runway and looked through the patterns for children, but cannot locate it. Love Chris

pamelahess by pamelahess 11 Apr 2017

Hi Chris. Thank you for the compliments! The pattern is Simplicity 2265. Its a Project Runway series. The directions are very easy and the dress goes together in no time at all. I did however mix it up a bit and used 3 colors on it instead of two like the pattern suggested.

pamelahess by pamelahess 11 Apr 2017

Also Chris, if you want to see it in a very striking color, click on my name and go to page 2 and look at the same pattern (on Arya) for a 4th of July dress I made her a couple of years ago. I loved it even more than I like this Easter dress.

by sandralane 07 Apr 2017

Beautiful outfit, your granddaughter looks lovely. Great idea about the pocket removal after easter. Sandra.

by babash 07 Apr 2017

What a beautiful outfit so well made.
Can I ask where did you get the zipper purse pattern?
I am looking for one in that exact shape.

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pamelahess by pamelahess 11 Apr 2017

Thank you. Gosh I wish I could tell you where I got it but I have no idea. I'm so sorry. It was a 5x7 ITH design though.

by apple59 07 Apr 2017

A very pretty dress and a beautiful little girl.

by sonjapotgieter 07 Apr 2017

Very Pretty...Well done!!!Gorgeous dress

by sjbrower 07 Apr 2017

What a beautiful young lady in her gorgeous Easter outfit.

by noah 07 Apr 2017

Sewwwwwwwwwww Sweetttttttt hugs

by bemara 07 Apr 2017

beautiful Dress and a sweet little lady, happy easter!

by maggiecal 07 Apr 2017

She and the outfit are both adorable! The matching bag is the icing on the cake.

by crafter2243 Moderator 07 Apr 2017

Beautiful. Model and dress. Making the easter design removable is a smart idea.

by jrob Moderator 07 Apr 2017

Really good idea to make the applique removable. That is one beautiful child.

by spendlove Moderator 07 Apr 2017

Great idea with the pocket!

by toogie 07 Apr 2017

Cute as can be both Arya and the set. Her hair is beautiful and so is she.

by Sewmum1 07 Apr 2017

What a beautiful dress and your grand daughter looks gorgeous in it. Great idea to make the embroidery removable too