by tinfriend 05 Apr 2017

Please can somebody assist me with a link at CME (Creative Machine Embroidery) for one of the Freebies offered. It is the Inner Circle design where you have to use a coupon code and click on a link to download the design.

My problem is that when I do that I cannot find the design on the website at all no matter where I search!
Perhaps I am just blind!
Thanks in advance!


by babash 08 Apr 2017

Downloaded no problem. Also other designs available for anyone who hasn't been before.

by queenofhearts 07 Apr 2017

I was able to download it but the coupon code is case sensitive so be sure that you are using caps.

by annsown 06 Apr 2017

I was able to get to the checkout page with $00, but after filling in the order info, a warning of the site not being a secure site came up.... do others just go ahead and continue, or back out--like I did?

by pennifold 05 Apr 2017

Hi Sandie, I had no trouble either. I just went to the design page and clicked on the code number first then clicked on download the design here. Then you choose the format you want and then hit ADD TO CART. Then click the button at the top that says VIEW CART and on the left you will see a box where you put the code number. Click APPLY COUPON and then click UPDATE CART. At the bottom of the page you will see the PROCEED TO CHECKOUT and there will be a -$12.00 there. Good luck, love Chris

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pennifold by pennifold 05 Apr 2017

Sorry just saw your post after I finished typing this. So ignore it. Love Chris

by tinfriend 05 Apr 2017

Thank you - I managed to download without any problems and am so pleased to have obtained this design!

BTW, I noticed some other FREE PROJECTS under TUTORIALS on the same site but did not have time to browse further!

* For everyone!

by irenewayne 05 Apr 2017

Don't know if you got this or not but I just logged in & used the coupon code they give you & downloaded o.k

by decojo 05 Apr 2017

The link works now. Don't forget to use the coupon code. :)

by grossfamilie 05 Apr 2017

Also I agree - didn't find it :-(

by sdrise 05 Apr 2017

Thank You!!

by tinfriend 05 Apr 2017

I have emailed CME when it was first posted but STILL no reply received!!

by sewtired 05 Apr 2017

Sorry, I'm no help. I couldn't find it either.