by mgregg01 04 Apr 2017

This is a photo stitch from Red Moon. She enlarged it for me also. I just had to have another Easter pillow.


by maggiecal 07 Apr 2017

This is delightful - and how fantastic that she could enlarge it for you! Few companies can make the time for that kind of customer service.

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mgregg01 by mgregg01 07 Apr 2017

I know, she is so easy to work with. Never hesitated.

by sonjapotgieter 06 Apr 2017

Stunning work...Well done

by Sewmum1 06 Apr 2017

This is gorgeous. I think I would have it out all year too

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mgregg01 by mgregg01 06 Apr 2017

thanks, I love my bunnies

by katydid 05 Apr 2017

Masterpiece!!! love it

by sewdeb 05 Apr 2017

It's gorgeous! You did a wonderful job!

by noah 05 Apr 2017

love it hugs

by crafter2243 Moderator 05 Apr 2017

Great Pillow, great design and perfect stitching. How many shades of color did this require?

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mgregg01 by mgregg01 06 Apr 2017

it was only 5, you start with your darkest and then go lighter and lighter.

by sdrise 05 Apr 2017

Beautiful Job!!

by pennyhal2 05 Apr 2017

Fabulous pillow! I love Red Moon's designs, but have never had the courage to try out a photostitch design. Are there a lot of thread jumps in the design?

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mgregg01 by mgregg01 06 Apr 2017

Do you have an automatic cutter on your machine? if not this one only had a few places you had to cut, until the last color, it jumped around a lot.
For the most part the stitching is connected. So don't be afraid of that.

by baydreamer 05 Apr 2017


by lbrow 05 Apr 2017


by lilylady 05 Apr 2017

Looks sew real, Nice!

by decojo 05 Apr 2017

Lovely pillow!

by bemara 05 Apr 2017

wow, it looks great :-)

by pennifold 04 Apr 2017

This is superb, I love photostitch designs. Love Chris

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mgregg01 by mgregg01 edited 06 Apr 2017

me too, her stuff is so beautiful.

by graceandham 04 Apr 2017

This is awesome. My favorite bunny is the one going into the hole in the tree! I'd have this out year-round.

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mgregg01 by mgregg01 06 Apr 2017

I know, just too cute.