by spendlove 01 Apr 2017

Denim Shirt from the supermarket plus a free design from Embroidery Library. One of the three free which were a bonus in the April Fools Day sale. It would have been rude not to buy......


by maggiecal 07 Apr 2017

This gorgeous design we're all lusting after is now available on an Embroidery Library Urban Threads cross over sale :-) Can even get a few sizes. I almost didn't click on the sale - so glad I did! Thanks Sue for bringing this design to our attention :

by JeanW edited 03 Apr 2017

What is the number of the design. I have several dream catchers. I have the lace one with feathers and have not gotten brave enough to do it. Your shirt looks GREAT!!! I got the 3 free designs. Got the ones of feathers to do on neck of shirts!

spendlove by spendlove 03 Apr 2017

It is the bohemian dreamcatcher. (It has a cute little spider among the feathers.)

JeanW by JeanW 05 Apr 2017

I have that design and I did not notice the spider. I have a friend that is SOooo scared of spiders. Now I have to do it on a shirt and show it to her!!! : )

spendlove by spendlove 08 Apr 2017

Go for it!

by dragonflyer 03 Apr 2017

Nice....very nice...

by bemara 03 Apr 2017

the dream catcher on your Shirt looks beautiful :-) hugs Maria

by peafarm 02 Apr 2017

Hallelujah! I checked it out and got it--not sure of your size but i can resize anyways. Got a fleece jacket I've never worn yet and maybe I'll have the incentive to do this now. Got my other 3 freebie choices also. Thank you many times over God for letting me read this post today--thank you Sue.

by baydreamer 02 Apr 2017

Looks lovely

by teun 02 Apr 2017

Sieht ganz toll aus

by peafarm 02 Apr 2017

Beautiful--I didn't even go online to Emblibrary April 1---I did go on March 21 and got the month of April freebies---well, I lost a beautiful design I can say that===great job.

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spendlove by spendlove 03 Apr 2017

It wasn't a freebie design, but in the April Fool sale you could choose any three designs for free if you made a purchase.

by maggiecal 02 Apr 2017

That is simply beautiful - love the colors and everything about it.

Also shopped the sale - buy one design, any price, for 40% off and get a coupon for 3 of any price that you pick! Felt too guilty picking a $4.99 design or less - so went with a $5.99 (thus $3.60USD) and picked my 3 fave $7.99 designs as freebies. EL has great sales but it's rare to get the gorgeous designs of your own picking for less than $1 USD each. Fun shopping but I didn't get to stitching as quickly as you did! (and even though I have some dream catchers, I like the movement in yours and may have to go plunk that one in my wishlist).

by lidiad 02 Apr 2017

That's a gorgeous design!
Hugs, Lidia

by lbrow 02 Apr 2017

I love Dream catchers. Beautiful job Sue/Lillian

by Shisha 01 Apr 2017

I love the dream catcher on this! Great job!!!

by pennifold 01 Apr 2017

Beautiful Sue and I love the dream catcher. Love Chris

by sewdeb 01 Apr 2017

Hmm, I'm shopping at the wrong market! Fabulous shirt, Sue!

by kathymourie 01 Apr 2017

Love it...

by sonjapotgieter 01 Apr 2017

Gorgeous!!!Well done

by basketkase 01 Apr 2017

Beautiful, Sue.....

by noah 01 Apr 2017

The little Indians here would love your shirt hugs