by bridgetbrown59 24 Mar 2017

Hi i previously had an account with you where i purchased a number of designs. Some of these have somehow got lost. Can I retrieve them or are they lost forever on my usb.

Please help I know their numbers but can't find them.
What can I do.
Regarrds The design is Froggy time and I have it as 80521 and 80523.


by storm 13d ago

When you buy designs they are kept in your download center. Log in and you will see the download center at the top center of the page. all designs that you bought are kept there and you can download again. Free designs are not in download center only bought designs. Hope this helps you.

by rescuer Moderator 24 Mar 2017

The design numbers listed were offered for Free from Cute members. That section of the website is now closed. Those designs downloaded for free will not be in your Download Center. If you have other designs you purchased individually, you might be able to access those by logging in under your old account.

by mops Moderator 24 Mar 2017

If you sign in to your earlier account (using the old avatar and password) and click on the arrow next to the 'Hi, your name' in the top bar, you get a pull down menu like the one in the picture. Click on Download Center or on Your Orders and you can find all orders - not the freebies and not the designs you downloaded during a membership - and can download them again.