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by awesome1 ( edited 22 Mar 2017 ) 22 Mar 2017

This quilt I will keep. I do a lot of charity quilts, but I've spent hours - days - months on this hand quilted, machine applique of SBSUE and Sam. I washed the crayola marking out, dried, and hugged it tight. I aim to be selfish and call it "MINE" This is all ITH Embroidery applique & I have been collecting the designs for a long time...many I have not yet used. I love it!


by cj2sew 25 Mar 2017

Love the comment below from Pam. She is spot on.
We should keep a few treasures of the things we love and especially some of those loved items we make. It sounds like you have given to many and that is really good hearted. This quilt will become an heirloom that will become even more important to the next owner when they know you loved it so very much. Enjoy the fruits of your labor...

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awesome1 by awesome1 26 Mar 2017

Thank you, cj...I am taking a break from quilting to sew lingerie for myself--but I won't post pix of that!!

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by pacmp edited 25 Mar 2017

Awesome1- I am not sure when this poor brain of mine will be able to be clear and concise, as it use to be able to do. Obvious by the length this message grew too, it is not happening yet, and would likely take me at least another 6 hours to cut it down, which I do not have in me tonight, so my hope is that it will be worth the time it will take for you to read this heart felt message. Pam

I hope you do keep this one even if you carefully take care of it just in case you change your mind, or put it aside for a future generation of someone, somewhere on your family line, as there is not a grandchild at this point. Now the reason I think you should actually keep it and use it is that you sound so much like I had been early in my life. I would make items like quilts, blankets baby clothes, and large cross stitches, heirloom items for friends and church members for birth's, deaths, birthday's and just because I knew they would love the item, or at least I hoped they would, though actually received very few thank you's, which was also a reason I favored NICU quilts as I had no expectation of seeing the quilt in use. I was always making cards, gifts and busy filling every day as full as I could make it and never could just relax, or do things for me unless it was a desperate need of some wardrobe item. Then 20 years ago, March 5 of 1997, a month and 8 days before my 36th birthday, I was in a car accident that has now resulted in permanent disability and 4 brain surgeries and hoping for another surgery once the brain specialists can actually figure out how to help me. Brain surgeries and really all surgical fields are continually figuring out new ways to improve the lives of those who have rare conditions and I have 2 that complicate my medical situation hoping a solution is figured out soon. My surgeries generally are successful for just 12-18 months when I again become symptomatic due to being very double jointed and having very stretchy ligaments and tendons and when brain matter does not stay up in your skull some very bad side effects occur. Never would I have thought that being double jointed could cause so many issues. It is generally months between getting to be up at my machine, spending most of my days in bed planning out designs and living vicariously though others work and hoping I will improve and make use of all the wonderful designs I have been downloading and purchasing quite a nice well stocked collection of designs for just about any possible event or surface that embroidery could be placed on. When that accident happened and I was laying in bed that first year, I would look around my home and I did not own a single item I had made especially for me, of something I had loved. Usually I would say, wow I want one too but I'll give this to ______ and when the kids are grown or I am retired then I will do one for me but first I need to complete all these other items first, and truly the list never seemed to shorten. I had large projects lined up for my husband and had hopes of grandchildren but had not started any items for them as the kids were still young and I had time to do those later when I knew what sort of item the new daughter in law would treasure or what things the new son in law would like if our daughter was having a little boy. Never dreaming of my ability to do much out of bed was going to be put on a 20 year pause button on my life. My accident did not just rob me from being up but also of my short term memory. Thankfully I had learned to sew at an early age as I also crocheted and cross stitched etc but every time I sit to my embroidery machine it is as if I am learning again from day one. I try to save freebies every day so I do not forget that process, and hoping at some point the knowledge will move from the short term memory area to the long term though, even after tens of thousands of designs and 11 years it still has not happened. Before you make a final decision about keeping your beautiful sunbonnets or donating it to some lucky child or family, or even maybe keeping it to give to one of your own future generations through your family line somewhere or even an adopted family you are close to, please consider keeping it for you so if anything were ever to happen to you where you could not do the things you love to do, that you would have that quilt to wrap your legs to keep you warm or when sad you could wrap it around your shoulders and pull it tight around you to give yourself a hug as you could think and know just how much you cared about yourself and the love you put into the quilt and wanted to make yourself have a special quilt, all for you, so come what may in life there would be no regrets for you if you would have to never step into your sewing room again, granted you would be sad, but you also would be OK, being able to use and treasure that quilt and thinking and remembering lovingly over the making of that quilt. Totally OK to make another to donate, but as this one has your heart, please keep and treasure one for yourself and please do not think of it as being selfish as making a single cherished item in all your years can not be a reasonable standard for the label of being selfish. You sound about as far from that word as a person could be. Your generous heart can continue to make and create but I do hope you will consider keeping and treasuring your beautiful sunbonnets. I am sure when you pass from this life your relatives who spent time in your home would fondly remember the sunbonnets from their visits and how it would continue to remind them of you after you had passed. It really is a treasure, wonderful job!

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awesome1 by awesome1 25 Mar 2017

How sweet of you to encourage me to wallow in my selfishness. Yes, I do have extended family ( nephews, cousins w/ children) and it would mean a lot to know it stays in the family. I told a good friend that it might be sold, but no way it is going to the nursing home unless it goes w/me! You sound so brave for someone struggling with such a disability. I will pray daily for someone I don't even know, to find successful treatment that is lasting. I have so much respect for how you are handling all the surgeries and memory problems. Thank you so much for your made me appreciate that I was able to do this delicate work for as long as it took. Hugs and God bless!

by airyfairy 24 Mar 2017

You deserve every stitch. The quilt is simply beautiful - no wonder you want it yourself

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awesome1 by awesome1 25 Mar 2017

Oh shucks, you are so kind. Maybe I will cherish it for a while and get tired of looking at it. I can always gift it later on. Right?

by crafter2243 Moderator 24 Mar 2017

I do not blame you for wanting to keep this one. It is a lovely piece. Sometimes we deserve treating ourselves. I am sure this quilt will be cherished for a long time.

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awesome1 by awesome1 25 Mar 2017

Thank you forever the kind compliment.

by castor 24 Mar 2017

this quilt is awesome I do quilt but with the machine which is hard enough I'm glad you spoil yourself for a change hugs

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awesome1 by awesome1 24 Mar 2017

I've hand quilted for decades, and only machine FMQ a few years--I didn't trust myself to machine quilt this one. Thank you for comment.

by pennyhal2 24 Mar 2017

You deserve to keep something as special as this for yourself! I do it from time to time too! It's beautiful and you'll enjoy it for years to come. Well done!

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awesome1 by awesome1 24 Mar 2017

Sometimes we get more pleasure from seeing someone else treasure our creation. It is a difficult decision. But, HEY, I could do another!

by rachap 23 Mar 2017

awesome1, this quilt is awesome!!

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awesome1 by awesome1 24 Mar 2017

Awww, thank you so much!

by 02kar Moderator 23 Mar 2017

I'm proud of you for 2 reasons. First a big hug for you because you are taking care of yourself and treating you to one of your own creations. and second, because you have worked hard creating this beautiful quilt just for you and you alone. Enjoy it and show it off with pride.

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awesome1 by awesome1 24 Mar 2017

Aren't you so sweet! I think I will use it as a topper on a guest bed for a while.

by gramsbear 23 Mar 2017

Fantastic work!!! You deserve to keep this one. That is my trouble also, I always let someone else have what I make. Do not have any myself!!! Hugs, Judy...

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awesome1 by awesome1 24 Mar 2017

Thank you. The machine applique is fun, but is a long process for so many color changes.

by jrob Moderator 23 Mar 2017

You SHOULD keep this one!

by tigerlily49 23 Mar 2017

It's beautiful! By all means, keep it...Ever once in a while I keep something, when my girls see it they "just love it" and so I usually end up giving it to them. One of these days, I'm going to make something and hide it. haha

by jenne 23 Mar 2017

I love hand quilted, it takes so long to hand quilt anything. yes keep it.

by marianb 23 Mar 2017

We all deserve to be a little selfish and keep our creations occasionally. It is beautiful.

by Sewmum1 22 Mar 2017

It is lovely. I would want to be selfish too with such a treasure you have made. You appreciate the hours and love you have put into it and deserve to call it yours!

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awesome1 by awesome1 23 Mar 2017

You guys are making me feel better about being selfish!

by lilylady 22 Mar 2017

I know how you feel, I wash fabric, dry it and refuse to use it.Sick! Sorry buttons, zippers, fabric, thread are my diamonds in this world. Its beautiful, enjoy guilt free!!

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awesome1 by awesome1 23 Mar 2017

Don't we all do that? We save it for the right project--which never seems to come!

by pennifold 22 Mar 2017

Beautiful! Well done with all the designs. Something to keep for sure. Love Chris

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awesome1 by awesome1 23 Mar 2017

Yes...I wish I had a grandchild to pass it to.

by asterixsew Moderator 22 Mar 2017

Its lovely. Now sit back and enjoy it

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awesome1 by awesome1 23 Mar 2017

I deserve it!

by graceandham 22 Mar 2017

Beautiful, Two joys in stitching: You get to give away lots of pretty things and make people happy. Every so often, the pretty thing is just for you! I would hug it, too.

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awesome1 by awesome1 23 Mar 2017

You are so right. Oftentimes it is hard to part with a gift.

by heleninca 22 Mar 2017

Yes, I love it also. When you tire of it (HA!) you can send it to me.
Great Job.

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awesome1 by awesome1 23 Mar 2017

Thank you !