by Kampfzwerg 20 Mar 2017

Hello Cuties,

last fall, when it got cold, I wanted to put on my
favorite kashmir pullover and dicovered that somebody liked it much more than I: moths!
Three holes in the front, where else? This was the reason for my first embroidery on wool knits. Instead of using a stabilizer, I recycled my husbands wornout buisness-shirt. Here is the result:


by rsloan 24 Mar 2017

When necessity makes us think anew - beautiful things happen. Nice work

by skey 22 Mar 2017

good save

by sonjapotgieter 21 Mar 2017

Clever Idea!!Fantastic work and save!!!

by missqueenbee47 21 Mar 2017

what a great "save".

by sjbrower 21 Mar 2017

Creative save! I love your idea to use your husband's old shirt as stabilizer to keep things nice and soft on the back. I have to keep this "darn" tip in mind!

by airyfairy 21 Mar 2017

Brilliant job

by marianamin2003 21 Mar 2017

very cute

by killiecrankie 21 Mar 2017

Good save .I have a small hole in a knitted top since last winter & you have given me an idea on how to fix it.Got about 3 months to fix it before winter.My hole wasn't caused by moths,have you tried wooden cedar balls which don't leave a horrible smell in your clothes that lasts forever.

Kampfzwerg by Kampfzwerg 21 Mar 2017

Good morning Dear, I hooped the shirt fabric with 2 layers of vilene, glued the piece in place and put a piece of WS Avalon film on top. But before that, I wore the pullover for a few hours so that it cout warm up and stretch to my bodyshape. The 2 layers of vilene make the stitches a tiny bit longer and the little hearts are much more relaxed. I did them all in one and the same hoop.

killiecrankie by killiecrankie 22 Mar 2017

Thank you for the info .I don't think I could wear it at the moment 32C & very humid .

by lbrow 21 Mar 2017

Those pesky buggers. You did a beautiful job. Get you some mothballs!/Lillian

by noah 21 Mar 2017

great fix girly:):)

by pennifold 21 Mar 2017

Wonderful save, love Chris

by Sewmum1 21 Mar 2017

You have done a great job of saving your pullover

by designgirl 21 Mar 2017

Good cover up.

by vickiannette 21 Mar 2017

inventive darning, clever of you. And now no-one will ever know.....except us

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Kampfzwerg by Kampfzwerg 21 Mar 2017

I embroidered the same heart on the backside hem of my newly sewn pink rayon t-shirt. After cover stitching the hem, I waned to cut off the excess and a tiny piece of front fabric slipped in the blades of my very sparp applique
scissors. I just wanted a simple pink t-shirt and ended un with a unique designer piece. Well, well.

by asterixsew Moderator 20 Mar 2017

What a great idea so thanks for the tip

by sandralane 20 Mar 2017

You have made a great save with the added decorations of hearts Well done. Sandra.