by JeanJules 20 Mar 2017

hi cuties, i have a viking se. it was a very good for the last 16 years but now the computer part is down. i cant get any kind of price for repair from the sales person at all, just buy new. if i had the money i would, but not for or two any ideas on price or anything?


by pennyhal2 22 Mar 2017

You might try to buy a used one

by mops Moderator 22 Mar 2017

It would be great if you could have it repaired. I have a great service and repair man who'll go out of his way to get the needed parts and his prices are low (too low if you ask me - and I told him so). I hope you can find a good dealer not too far away

by lmmattern 21 Mar 2017

I ask my Viking dealer. Right now if you want to fix it they still have parts for it. Remember that is a great machine but is almost 20 years old. Computer parts get obsolete and soon will be no parts for it. I have 3 viking no problem with them and I will stay with them because I have all accessories and they still the ones with the bigger hoop in the market. Good Luck!

by sharonleekesner 21 Mar 2017

My Viking Designer SE needed a new mother board and a couple other things and was healed in Boise Id for $700. This did not just fix the motherboard, I had a cutter replaced, a cleaning and minor stuff. Since I am of the opinion that this is the finest machine Viking ever made, I decided to go ahead with the replacement of the motherboard and I am not sorry. Hope all goes well for you.

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sharonleekesner by sharonleekesner 21 Mar 2017

Oops, forgot to add that this was 3-4 yrs ago.

by loveablebbw 21 Mar 2017

sorry to hear this I have a viking se. w floppy my dealer is so amazing they are in cobleskill ny The Yardstick. He loves them. I have not been using mine... shame on me I have the ddr and babylock destiny. I think viking has the 4 grand rebate or it is coming soon on any embroidery or sewing machine turn in to buy new one. I am in upstate ny

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sewist1 by sewist1 21 Mar 2017

I think yours is a Designer 1 if it has a floppy. The SE uses a USB stick.

by michemb 21 Mar 2017

My sister in law had the sme poblem with her SE and the cost to repair was $600.00. Getting the parts didn't seem to be a problem she just decided that it was not Worth getting it repaired.

I agree with others, remember that viking machines are not as reliable today as they were when you purchased the SE. I have had 2 machines made after the SE (ruby and ruby Deluxe) and have had nothing but problems with them. No longer a viking Customer.
Good luck

by mrskiki 21 Mar 2017

So sad to say they probably cannot get parts any longer. Be sure to ask the dealer about promotions going on right now. I think Viking is offering a pretty good deal on trade ins as well as try to get 0% financing. Hugs. Nan W

by lmmattern 20 Mar 2017

In the Viking dealer in Florida you can send them to the repair center for an estimate and they will call with the repair price. Sound like that dealer just want you to buy a new one. Right now some are giving you x amount of money for your machine (no matter the condition) to by a newer model. I will go to my dealer and ask if they still fixing the computer for the SE and let you Know. I have one as my traveling machine and i love it.

by asterixsew Moderator 20 Mar 2017

Not knowing where you are in the world, but is it worth asking another Viking dealer. Did you ask at the repair place how much a new machine would cost. Dealers often have great machines that they have taken in part exchange often only lightly used at much reduced prices

by graceandham 20 Mar 2017

One more thought. Just prior to Christmas, most lines come out with their new machines and the dealers often take in trade, low-use older machines which they then sell. You might consider buying this way if you are trying to get the most for your money.

by graceandham 20 Mar 2017

Now's the time to do your research. Do you still want a Viking? Do you like the product? Did you have a good Viking repair person? You may want to consider other brands and find what's available in each line at different price points. (I have owned Janome and now Brother and have loved both, found them low-maintenance.)