by mary51 20 Mar 2017

thank you for all your help I will buy the janome 500 E probably tomorrow. I just can not find a Brothers dealer close to me.


by mary51 05 Apr 2017

Thank you all I am planning tobuy it on Monday.

by jrob Moderator 21 Mar 2017

Mary, I'm so excited for you! Let us know how it goes.

by mrskiki 21 Mar 2017

Enjoy your new baby. And don't forget to give her/him a name! Hugs. Nan W

by vickiannette 20 Mar 2017

how exciting, bet you can hardly wait. Please send us some pictures etc

by sandralane 20 Mar 2017

Mary, now you have decided on your purchase I hope you get many happy hours on your new machine, you will love it. The larger hoops are terrific and will allow you do lots more embroidery. I would not be without my Janome 500e it is fantastic. Sandra.

by babash 20 Mar 2017

You won't be sorry a great machine and a joy to use. There are a lot of us on here with that model so any questions you have I am sure someone will have the answer for you.

by gdsteliga 20 Mar 2017

Congratulations on your choice. I love mine. Hope you will enjoy yours just as much as I do mine.

by 02kar Moderator 20 Mar 2017

Congrats on your new machine. The support of a dealer and the tech to work on the machine always trumps the make and model. I travel 2 hours 1 way for my machines and it is worth it. Enjoy the machine and share the projects and the pride you have in your machine.

by asterixsew Moderator 20 Mar 2017

Mary I am so happy that you have decided what you want and that there will be support from a dealer for you. I hope you have many happy years embroidering with your new machine. I have noted that a number here have changed makes due to availability of support, cost and the like. Good Luck