by Kampfzwerg 7d ago

Hello Cuties, here are some tops I have knitted for my youngest daughter in 2002. She still wears them and is allways asked where she bougt them. These are current pictures. The yarn is 100% Pima Cotton, except the jeans-top


by spendlove Moderator 7d ago

Thank you for reposting your wonderful knitting and helping us to keep the site well organised.
Hope to see some of your machine embroidery in the projects area soon!

by sandralane 7d ago

An extremely professional job with the knitting, so lucky to have a mum so clever and talented. Well done, thanks for sharing with us all. Sandra.

by crafter2243 Moderator 7d ago

Excellent knitting and I am glad I get to see it. I think I read before that you have been knitting since you were a little girl. It shows. My Knitting needles come out often while watching TV, but now I only knit easy and brainless stuff. I am glad your daughter still wears them. Some pieces are timeless.

by graceandham 7d ago

Beautiful knitting. She's a lucky girl to have a mom who custom knits for her.

by rescuer Moderator 7d ago

Well done!

by asterixsew Moderator 7d ago

Beautiful work. I am impressed at your knitting skills. Thanks for showing us your work