by anitas1403 19 Mar 2017

I'm trying to upload a photo of my latest quilt and when I do, I'm told it is too big. How can I reduce them? Any help will be appreciated because I have always gotten that message..


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by mops Moderator edited 20 Mar 2017

I see you managed to post many projects, so fortunately it does not happen " always". Your pictures must be under 3Mb. For pictures of embroidery and so on I set my camera to medium or even low as the higher definition ones turn out to be too large for here. I just have to remember to set it to back to the best quality for more serious photos!

by rescuer Moderator 19 Mar 2017

A year ago you asked the same question what solution did you use then to be able to upload photos?
Just click on your user name to see all your many posts.

by sewmom 19 Mar 2017

I think you can open the photo in Paint and reduce the size.