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by noah ( edited 18 Mar 2017 ) 18 Mar 2017

I'm looking for in the hoop book/bible cover with a zipper any suggestions? lol thanks


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by mops Moderator edited 18 Mar 2017

You need exact measurements otherwise it won't fit.
If you want a zipper along three sides it is easier to do that the traditional way, although it can be done.

I measure and add 5 mm (or about 1/4 inch) to get a nice outline.
Embroider outline;
place front fabric first and pin;
embroider design of your choice;
then pin the zipper along the outline, cutting the band almost to the teeth in the corners, use tape to secure, stitch the outline again;
place the two inside panels and the lining (width half an inch shorter than the outline, height covering it nicely) stitch the final outline and turn.
Job done.

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noah by noah 18 Mar 2017

Ok thanks i will try hugs:):)