by noah 8d ago

HELP PLEASE!!!!! I half to make a list of 5 things that i find good about a /my hearing loss for next class i can only think of two

#1 I don't hear the thunder lol
#2 I love it at night when i takes my aides off it is so quite no clock ticking,no furnace running etc
What do YOU find??Thanks Carolyn


by sewmadau 7d ago

Not hearing the noise of planes over head
Chain saw cutting wood early Sunday morning . This seems to happen nearly every week, so for me it is a blessing to take both HA's out. LOL
I am so grateful that I have them or I would miss so much, wind in the trees, birds singing and much much more.

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noah by noah 1d ago

All so true thanks hugs

by Janus48 7d ago

Dolly Parton said "The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain." when you take out your makes you appreciate that you live in a time when we have these marvelous inventions that will allow you to hear again. I don't really like wearing glasses...but I do appreciate the fact that I can wear them and SEE... I can see my great grand child...YOU can probably hear a grand saying "I love you" of life's blessings for sure.

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noah by noah 7d ago

So true thank-you hugs

by lbrow 7d ago

You can always tune off foul language and whining and complaining. I have H. A. In both ears Carolyn. Never had any classes though. I know how good it feels to take them out at night and the quiet is wonderful/Lillian

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noah by noah 7d ago

Love that quiet thanks Lillian hugs

by killiecrankie 8d ago

3 You are not kept awake at night by loud thumping music being played at your neighbours parties which gets louder ,the later it gets.
4 Not hearing loud noises from building sites.
5 Hedge trimmers & other loud garden tools.
There are times when I wish I had hearing aides so I didn't have to listen to the noise.

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noah by noah 7d ago

Oh please don't wish that ***

by nansowl 8d ago

# 3, You can turn them off (hearing aids) if you don't want to hear all the noise going on around you - any time, any place.

#4. Once they are 'off' - you can honestly say "I didn't hear you".

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noah by noah 8d ago

lol for sure thanks for my big smile:):)

by stork 8d ago

I would think that with your hearing loss you are more perceptive to the wonderful sights around you.....the colors of the sky, the rainbow of flowers in spring, etc.

stork by stork 8d ago

plus you don't have to put up with the neighbors (who live on another adjacent farm) riding their dirt bikes on a quiet Sunday afternoon!

noah by noah 8d ago

For sure thanks hugs

by pennifold 8d ago

Sending you a PM. Love Chris

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noah by noah 8d ago

Thanks hugs and more hugs

by 02kar Moderator 8d ago

You are still beautiful, with a smile that lights up the folks around you even with hearing aides. And you are not driven to distraction by people playing loud music. I look at folks with hearing aides and am thankful they they can still participate in all the living that is going on around them.

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noah by noah 8d ago

yes it is so easy for me to just stay in the kitchen****there i am @ my best****Thanks for your fresh words:):)

by babash 8d ago

I don't have a hearing problem but would think the fact that you get to look into the faces of people you love everyday as they face you to speak instead of talking with their back to you.

noah by noah 8d ago

Good Point!!!Thanks

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 8d ago

Yes....good one!

by rachap 8d ago

I was thinking if the sermon in church is boring you don't need to feel guilty for not followint it.

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noah by noah 8d ago

good point lol

by pacmp 8d ago

I can understand why they are trying to have you see a positive to having some hearing loss to help people not be depressed about the things they can miss out on, and times where the aides give you a choice of whether or not you want to pay attention to the discussions going on around you, but I think it is wiser to have the aides in, except at night, but even then you would want to make sure that if your husband needed you, that there would be away for you to be woken up, like if he fell in the bathroom. Definitely a blessing to have the option of having hearing aides and finding a set that works for you.

Some of the thoughts I had to finish your list...
-You can focus intently on projects without getting distracted.
- The neighbors dogs barking does not keep you awake.- the negative to this is you likely would want to know if they are sounding an alarm to people or animals that should not be on the property.
-You can turn the aides down while still sitting in the living room and take a nap without the sounds of TV or other daytime noises waking you up.

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noah by noah 8d ago

yes for sure thank-you for commenting***

by PeggyJ 8d ago

You can be thankful that you are able to overcome a hearing loss with the help of hearing aides and that you are able to afford them.

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noah by noah 8d ago

yes for sure!!!hugs

by mary51 8d ago

When you are driving you do not hear the rude words from some chofers ....This is very common in Miami...

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noah by noah 8d ago

no we are in the bush noone is unkind ***well that i noticed**thanks

by graceandham 8d ago

You miss a lot of gossip, criticism and negativity. Your voice seems the dominant one when opinions matter. You listen closer to everyone.

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noah by noah 8d ago


by grandma6 8d ago

3 dont have to listen to lawnmowers and other noises
4. finding people ae kinder..responding more positivly to you
5, can sing out loud anytime (not just in the shower) and not know how terrible you sound!!!

noah by noah 8d ago

lol that's for sure thanks:):)

davudfasen by davudfasen 5d ago

my friend says she doesn't have to listen to people on the bus or train talk about their life and grandkids---she turns off her hearing aid.