by asterixsew Moderator 13 Mar 2017

A little boy I made a taggy blanket for last year lost it :( so his mum asked me would I make a replacement. I am unable to buy soft fleece (cuddle fleece) in one colour at the moment but had this instead. The lad has enjoyed feeling all the different textured ribbons that I used so I had fun making this for him. There is embroidery on the reverse with the child's name. I hope this one doesn't get lost too. Flowers and thanks for looking


by dragonflyer 14 Mar 2017

I am sure he will love having another one...

by marianb 14 Mar 2017

Fabulous fabric perfect for a little boy, maybe mum can attach it to the pram or car seat if that's how lost the first one. Marian

by Sewmum1 14 Mar 2017

Very cute. love the fabric

by shirley124 13 Mar 2017

I am sure he will be delighted. Hugs

by sandralane 13 Mar 2017

Super cool, wonderfully bright colours, Hope the little boy loves this one. Sandra.

by toogie 13 Mar 2017

Losing them does happen. Nora lost her first love, I mean taggie, and it never has shown up. She had some printed satin ribbons on it, that she rubbed so much, the print wore off. The second one we made together, but she doesn't have the love for it like the first one.
I just repaired one for Gus. It must have fallen to the ground, when they got out of the van one night. Kye, the dog, had it and chewed two holes in the back and one ear was split, as it has an elephant head on it. The ear got 'stitches' and I also stitched up the two holes. You should have seen how happy the little fellow was to get it back! I hope your little one 'takes' to his new taggie.

by graceandham 13 Mar 2017

Neat looking! I bet he hangs on to it!