by mops Moderator 13 Mar 2017

Tried some more top-down and this time wrote down what I did so I now have a basic pattern. And my stash is reduced by 2 1/2 balls. That came from my mother's stash. Question now is knit a hat to go with it or use the yarn in another odd ball project.

I found an unfinished mohair V-neck vest my daughter once started, front and back are finished, it just needs sleeves. So I think that comes next, just have to make a swatch to get the tension right. However, I hate mohair swatches as it is so hard to unravel.


by grossfamilie 14 Mar 2017

Love it - it is really cute and maybe it's a good idea to add eather a hat or mittens or shoes if you have enough yarn left over. Thank you
very much - Maria

by jrob Moderator 14 Mar 2017


by pennifold 14 Mar 2017

Ooh! Martine this is just delightful. I love everything you knit and I am in awe of how much you get done. I haven't picked up knitting needles for years! I love Sigrun's work too. I hope she is o.k. haven't seen her on here for a while. Love Chri

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mops by mops 14 Mar 2017

Yes, I noticed her absence - maybe visiting grands in Norway? I admire her fair isle stitching!

by basketkase 14 Mar 2017

I vote hat or mittens........lovely work as always, Martine.....

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mops by mops 14 Mar 2017

Thank you.
I am now struggling to get even stitches using mohair. Those lovely long hairs make even tension a bit difficult.

by crafter2243 Moderator 13 Mar 2017

Beautifully done. My vote is for a hat. Makes it a complete set.
Have fun unraveling mohair. Seems to me that putting it in the freezer was supposed to help, but then I may have dreamed that. Ha, ha.

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mops by mops 13 Mar 2017

I made a very small swatch so I would not waste much if I binned it ;) It stitches out beautifully but you have to do it right the first time. So I am careful to decrease in the right row...

by sewdeb 13 Mar 2017

Such a sweet sweater! I'd vote for a hat - but then I don't have to knit it. Congrats on whittling down the stash! And good luck with the unraveling.

mops by mops 13 Mar 2017

Thank you, hat it will be. If I knit one ball a day I will be busy for over 100 days not counting odd balls, remnants and large cones of machine knitting yarn :)

sewdeb by sewdeb 14 Mar 2017

Sounds like my fabric stash.... and I keep "inheriting" more. I need about 4 lifetimes to use I all.

by toogie 13 Mar 2017

A hat would complete a very nice set, Martine, but of course another cardigan would be an extra change. I just love your ability to knit so well. You need to make a 'Hand Knitted by Mops' label to sew inside. I have size labels I purchased, that I put on my sewing, when I remember-lol- I admire you for your skill, with the needles.-Toogie

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mops by mops 13 Mar 2017

My gran taught me to knit when I was 6 or so and that's a long time ago. I had not knitted much since my youngest was about twenty. Started again after the birth of my first grandchild. I must say at first my speed was rather slow when I took it up again. But I love it.

by spendlove Moderator 13 Mar 2017

Lovely! (The jacket, not the unravelling of mohair.)

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mops by mops 13 Mar 2017


by graceandham 13 Mar 2017

This is so sweet, I think it begs for a tam to go with it! Can't tell, but I was thinking this is for a small child?

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mops by mops 13 Mar 2017

Thank you. About 18 months to 3 yr.

by dragonflyer 13 Mar 2017

Very nice, Martine...

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mops by mops 13 Mar 2017

Thanks Kim!