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by LindaKoorzen ( edited 15 Mar 2017 ) 13 Mar 2017

I have a picture in JPEG that I would like to have it digitized to PES. It is a small picture to embroider above a shirt pocket. Is there some one who will do it for free?


by babash 17 Mar 2017

I once wanted something special digitized and Basketkase did it for me at a small cost of $2 on her site.
So to me it was just like being free.

by dollygk 14 Mar 2017

Hello there, .jpeg is a type of picture and has nothing to do with machine embroidery. Someone could digitize that .jpeg and it becomes a .pes..... good luck!

by graceandham 13 Mar 2017

There are many excellent digitizers as members on this site. You might try basketkase (Vicki) or someone else may volunteer themselves.