by mary51 10 Mar 2017

I found a good price Janome 500E. Always had Brothers. Any advice. Changing format it will be no problem I have Embird. Just want to know how are their performance? Are they strong reliable machines.


by philippeichhorn 15 Mar 2017

My mom has an Janome 500E for about a year now, rock solid so far. Requires regular maintenance (cleaning, new oil, etc) but otherwise handling as very easy and smooth. You will have a great time with this machine :)

by mary51 12 Mar 2017

Thank you for all your advices. I moved to a different town. There are no dealers of any sewing machine. I am now in Deltona. Any one knows a dealer? I Googled and no result

by jenne 12 Mar 2017

I got a janome 9000 4x4 design field, when they first came out It is what I sew on for all my regular sewing (I no longer embroidery on this machine)
it is a workhorse, I bought a janome 500e it sew great . little by little I am getting the hang of how to use it, I have used Babylock for several years and love them, still have an older babylock it sew good yet.

by sandralane 11 Mar 2017

Mary, are you still searching the net for a machine? Please i hope that you have found a dealer to buy from with on going support and help when needed. I know you have been looking for some time now, The Janome 500e which I have had since they came out is an excellent machine easy to use and I have had no problems at all. Good luck with your choice of new machine. Sandra.

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mary51 by mary51 12 Mar 2017

I still looking for it. This is not from E bay . It on lone store Sew Vac Direct. I did buy my brother from them many years ago.

by babash 11 Mar 2017

Didn't you have a bad experience with an Ebay seller?
I am wondering if you are still searching for a machine as you are asking about different brands sounds like you are still deciding.
Please when you say you have found a good price I hope you mean from a bricks and mortar store not online where you can't examine the item in person.

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mary51 by mary51 12 Mar 2017

Thsnk you for your concerned. It is not Ebay . It is Sew Vac Direct. I bought my brother from them many years ago.

by grossfamilie 11 Mar 2017

I also have a Janome Memory Craft 500e since January. My Brother Galaxie still is at brother company for (maybe) repair or not. I found it easily to adapt to Janome - I also have Embird and it's easy to convert whole folders with a lot of designs in there. I found that as a customer of - for example Urban Threads, Emblibrary, Embroitique etc.... you can go there into your accont and easily change to your new format JEF. I am very happy with the Janome, think the price is really reasonable and worth everything you can do. The biggest hoop size is 200 x 280 mm. Yo can also look under grossfamilie (me) cause I asked the same question like you in the Cute community with many positive replies here under the embroidery resort - scroll down if you are interested. And Good Luck and Happy Stitching - Maria

by mrskiki 11 Mar 2017

Why change to a different brand? You will need to repurchase any accessories you like. And of course there will be a new learning curve. Hugs. Nan W

sewist1 by sewist1 11 Mar 2017

I am not understanding this either as two messages before Mary was asking about a Brother 2500D. In fact she has been asking about machines back to August 2016

mary51 by mary51 12 Mar 2017

The price and the embroidery field.

by sewist1 10 Mar 2017

Is this machine from a dealer with dealer support?

by graceandham 10 Mar 2017

You will find Janome an excellent product.

by Sewmum1 10 Mar 2017

You won't be disappointed, they are great machines to use and the stitch out is lovely. Well worth the investment.

by babash 10 Mar 2017

I have the Janome 500E and just love it. Very simple to use and good stitch outs. My favourite thing about it is the large hoop before on the 300E best I could do was 5x7 now I can do 7x11.

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mary51 by mary51 12 Mar 2017

That is what hooked me the 7x11