by sukiranih 09 Mar 2017

How to digitize decorative stitches?

Can Husquvarna Viking epic do it?


by philippeichhorn 15 Mar 2017

Do you are already have a digitized version of decorative elements and just want to arrange them, or are you looking to create the digitized version yourself (e.g. from an image)?

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sukiranih by sukiranih 17 Mar 2017

I want to make my own digitized version...
The format Ruby recognizes is sh7.

by rachap 12 Mar 2017

I'm not sure of this but if it is the decorative stitches that are on your machine and you want to embroider them can't you just program them into embroidery? I have an epic if you check on your built in manual it may tell you how to do it. I am not near my machine but will try to check tomorrow.

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by mops Moderator edited 12 Mar 2017

I have a Ruby as well and had a look at the specifications and features of the Epic. Although the built-in software let you do a lot of editing and customising, digitising new stitches is not one of them.

The Husqvarna site has offered a string of Christmas balls in the past including instructions how to upload to your machine - it needs a special format which I don't remember at the moment - done that and it works well. I successfully digitised more stitches in 6D.

In Embird you can digitise new fancy stitches to be used in Studio (did that as well), but it does not offer the format needed to use those in a HV embroidery machine.

mops by mops 15 Mar 2017

The format for decorative stitches is .spx. you can use them in the sewing mode of your machine and Embird's .eof designs can be converted to .spx
When you want to sew them in the hoop you'll have to do that in thecustomising or digitising module of the Viking software, or in Studio in Embird.

sukiranih by sukiranih 17 Mar 2017

The format for the decorative stitches in the ruby is sh7.
Can I convert to that format?
My Ruby is not recognising.spx

by spendlove Moderator 09 Mar 2017

It depends what software you have. Please tell us more.
Welcome to Cute!

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sukiranih by sukiranih 10 Mar 2017

Thank you..🌹
Machines like Brother and janome have the inbuilt custom stitch programs. Want to know if Husquvarna Viking Epic has this feature.
I have a Viking Ruby and use Embird.