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by mops Moderator ( edited 03 Mar 2017 ) 03 Mar 2017

Thanks to my spilling tea over the laptop and a new keyboard having to be imported from the USA I have done little embroidery, digitising etc. Out of sheer frustration I bought a loose keyboard today, so that solved my problem.

In the meantime I knitted a couple of things using yarn left over from old projects. Thought the balls of aqua came from the same project but in the picture it comes up quite different :( in real life it's hardly noticeable. I knitted that one top-down. I used a pattern by Drops Design - which did not have the stripes, but for I had not enough aqua or yellow ocre to knit it in one colour


by toogie 03 Mar 2017

I think you are so talented with needles of any kind, but this knitting leaves me speechless........and that doesn't often happen-lol-I think we all could get more work done without so much technology...phones computers, tv's, etc..
I tried to work on a prayer quilt today and hubby worked outside. I answered two calls for him and felt I had to answer my daughters call, in case it was Avery. It was Gus this time. Poor little fellow fell and chipped a tooth. He is pulling up, but too scared to try to walk. He will be a year on the 20th. She was nervous and wanted me to come. I told her it really wasn't anything I could do and I have 2 quilts that have to be finished for Sunday. I have one down and one to go. I may not sleep this week-end-lol- Somethings mamma just can't fix....

mops by mops 04 Mar 2017

How right you are - some things mamma can't fix!
I hope you can finish your quilts AND get some sleep. I so admire how much you achieve, all those bags and purses and these quilts.
Thank you. Knitting prevents a guilty conscience when watching TV, relaxing with my feet up and so on. As long as I don't forget to count during the patterned parts it is a no-brainer.

toogie by toogie 04 Mar 2017

I did get the quilts done and I slept last night and hope to tonight, as well. Tomorrow is Sunday. One quilt goes to a 4 year old boy, Jase, facing another heart surgery and the other to a dear friends husband, Rob. He has been battling cancer/leukemia for 7 years doing homeopathic therapy, I think its called. He says he still feels 'ok' but his blood count is very high and now he can't get it down like before. He has decided to do chemo......

by pennifold 03 Mar 2017

Simply gorgeous Martine, I envy people who can do all that beautiful Fair isle knitting.

Which reminds me I haven't seen much of Sigrun from Iceland on here. I saw it was her birthday the other day. I hope she is o.k.

Love Chris

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mops by mops 03 Mar 2017

You are right, her last post was in September.
She is a wonderful knitter. I find it hard to get the tension of the not-in-use colour not too tight and not too loose; gets better after a while, but when it has been a long time since doing Fair Isle knitting it is not easy. And Sigrun has such beautiful projects!!

by dragonflyer 03 Mar 2017

Love them both!

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mops by mops 03 Mar 2017

Thank you. Next one will be a smaller size - three untouched balls of pink plus some white and marine odd balls. Cardigan this time, and maybe raglan sleeves.

by crafter2243 Moderator 03 Mar 2017

Fantastic knitting. Isn't it funny how a photograph details so much more.

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mops by mops 03 Mar 2017

I thnk it's the flash on the slightly different texture of the yarns, one is just that bit smoother than the other.

by asterixsew Moderator 03 Mar 2017

Great work created when no computer

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mops by mops 03 Mar 2017

Thanks. It reduces my stash and increases the content of my charity box.

by graceandham 03 Mar 2017

I like the effect of the aquas! Enjoy!

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mops by mops 03 Mar 2017

Thank you!

by jeanfoz 03 Mar 2017

Very nice, I like to do a bit of knitting now and then, Jean xx

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mops by mops 03 Mar 2017

Thank you. Now and then applies to me to.

by gerryvb 03 Mar 2017

wow, you did a great job, great use of your time without the laptop :)

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mops by mops 03 Mar 2017

Thank you. I seem to have become rather dependent on a computer :)

by kathymourie 03 Mar 2017

WOW Beautiful. You are a talented Lady.

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mops by mops 03 Mar 2017

Thank you.