by pamelahess 25 Feb 2017

I just finished embroidering this wedding gift box embellishment for my BFF's daughter. The font is from Stitchtopia and is called Bella. Thank you for looking!



by SoniaBobbitt03 27 Feb 2017

that is beautiful

by lbrow 27 Feb 2017

Oh so very nice Pam. Gorgeous work and I'm sure she'll here some wows! where did you get this? from people/Lillian

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pamelahess by pamelahess 27 Feb 2017

Good Morning Lillian. Thank you! If you are referring to the box itself, I got it from Joann's. I had a 50% off coupon so it cost around $12.50. The designs of the rings and the bride and groom in silhouette are from who knows where. The font is from Stitchtopia, called Bella. And the heart is from another designer whom I don't think I can say on this site or I might get in trouble.

by Sewmum1 26 Feb 2017

Wow that is beautiful. They will treasure it

by pamelahess 26 Feb 2017

Thanks everyone for the thoughtful comments!

by devon 26 Feb 2017

WOW great work on all!!!

by crafter2243 Moderator 26 Feb 2017

Very special. You did a awesome job

by dragonflyer 26 Feb 2017

What a lovely remembrance for the happy couple...

by sdrise 26 Feb 2017

Wow Beautiful So special! nice !!

by designgirl 26 Feb 2017

It is gorgeous. Really nice work.

by noah 25 Feb 2017

Love it well done hugs

by grobin 25 Feb 2017

Love it.

by stork 25 Feb 2017

What a wonderful keepsake!!!

by worthy 25 Feb 2017

Well done. Beautiful gift.

by sonjapotgieter 25 Feb 2017

Excellent...Fantastic work!!!!So Beautiful...Well done

by sandralane 25 Feb 2017

A beautiful gifts for the happy couple, I hope their day is wonderful and very special. Sandra.

by highlandermom 25 Feb 2017


by Barbaric 25 Feb 2017

It looks beautiful and you have done a wonderful joj.

by toogie 25 Feb 2017

one word BEAUTIFUL !!!

by basketkase 25 Feb 2017


by carolpountney 25 Feb 2017


by pennyhal2 25 Feb 2017

Fabulous project! You chose the perfect font to elegant and formal. I'm sure she'll save these as a reminder of her special day.

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pamelahess by pamelahess 26 Feb 2017

Thank you "pennyhal12". It's funny you picked up on the idea that she can save them. I've made 5 of these boxes so far, and I make them in such a way that the bride can pull them off with a gentle tug and keep them for her wedding book. (Then she gives me the box back so I can re-use it). I have to go back over this one as some of the pieces aren't laying down like they are supposed to. I used a different adhesive and unfortunately it sticks a little too good in places, and I'm scared its not going to be easily pulled off. I think if I can, I will pull it off and use the "post-it" type glue like I did on the others.

by lilylady 25 Feb 2017

Very Nice, They will love it!