by spendlove 25 Feb 2017

I've called these little chaps "fiddle buddies". After making the babies version, I couldn't resist developing the design into one suitable for dementia sufferers.


by MuseandSew 28 Feb 2017

Such a useful blankie! Love it!

by toogie 28 Feb 2017

I needed this head for Gus a taggie, so cute Sue. I like his curious look.

by lbrow 27 Feb 2017

I love your ingenuity Sue! , Also your obvious love for we elders. Geriatrics was always my chosen field in Nursing and one of the main problems with a dementia patient is keeping their hands busy with something if at all possible. Something like this is a Godsend. A big "pat on the back for you"/Lillian

by robertahilde 26 Feb 2017

The cutest buddies ever!!! Great job.
Hugs, Roberta

by dragonflyer 26 Feb 2017

Very nice...

by Ace1985 26 Feb 2017

Very beautiful!

by vickiannette 25 Feb 2017

love these. Cute and useful all at the same time!

by asterixsew Moderator 25 Feb 2017

Great idea Sue and very useful too

by manami 25 Feb 2017

Very nice and I can see my patients playing with these. I take care of aged people with dementia. Well done!

by stork 25 Feb 2017

Very nice and very useful!

by sandralane 25 Feb 2017

Great work Sue, they are terrific. Sandra.

by sonjapotgieter 25 Feb 2017

These are so cute and Gorgeous!!

by rosakent 25 Feb 2017

Last week I made taggy blankets for my grandson and a friends granddaughter, and now you've designed these Sue, they are so cute, how I wish I could have waited a couple of weeks!! Jo

by basketkase 25 Feb 2017

These are so fabulous, Sue......

by pennyhal2 25 Feb 2017

There is a lot to fiddle with in such a small package! They are a convenient size that can be held easily. Well done!

by crafter2243 Moderator 25 Feb 2017

So cute and perfect for keeping young and old happy. Love the expression. Those eyes have a surprised look.

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spendlove by spendlove 25 Feb 2017

Just so long as they aren't scary!

by noah 25 Feb 2017

Looks great Sue hugs

by Sewmum1 25 Feb 2017

They are adorable. Did you sew the ribbons on ith too?

1 comment
spendlove by spendlove 25 Feb 2017

Everything ith except the stitching the gap he is stuffed through!