by rescuer Moderator 23 Feb 2017

Today I am thankful. Recently, a neighbor offered to pay me to do some embroidery work. In the end, I decided not to do it for the offered price as I would be doing it for free when time materials etc were calculated. I am thankful for friends that helped me "say no" to doing stressful work for free. The neighbor thought she was doing me a favor. That said, I often wonder how digitizers feel when people beg for or worse demand a free design.

I am thankful that so many Cuties show gratitude for the designs offered here for free. It is hard for me to understand the mindset of those that choose to demand free designs.... I really wish they would see the generosity here...but then I think of all those who support this website and it more than makes up for the ones that don't.


by arisann 02 Mar 2017

TKS for all your work and freebies to us!

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rescuer by rescuer 02 Mar 2017

It is Miss Veronika that gives us the free designs.
As moderators, we are glad to help her. We hope it gives her time with her family and time to digitize all those free designs.

by lbrow 26 Feb 2017

Amen to that/Lillian

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rescuer by rescuer 26 Feb 2017


by basketkase 24 Feb 2017

I hear you loud and is so difficult to say no, and I always feel guilty for not helping someone out, then it occurs to me that I would be enabling the behavior of expecting something for nothing, by saying yes, so I am learning that "no" word as well......Kudo's to you for not being taken advantage of........I can't imagine the unappreciative things that all the moderators have to endure...I can only hope you all know how much your fair and courteous moderating is girls all rock!!!

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rescuer by rescuer 24 Feb 2017

Thank you! I am certain many ask you for free things and designs too. How is anyone supposed to pay for keeping an online presence?

by jrob Moderator 24 Feb 2017

Gratitude is a flower that doesn't sprout in everybody's garden, I'm afraid.

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rescuer by rescuer 24 Feb 2017

Thankfully there are people like you that make up for the others' gardens

by gerryvb 24 Feb 2017

You are right: sometimes it's hard to say no, in special when family or friends are involved.....
And I am thankful that you are a special Cute member, your presence and input here on Cute, your work together with miss Veronika and the other moderators make this Cute site such a wonderful community. It makes me happy to be able to be a part of this Cute family. Hugs/love gerry

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rescuer by rescuer 24 Feb 2017

You are always so kind -- HUGS!!!

by sandralane 24 Feb 2017

I think the hardest word to say is NO, and especially neighbours whom you will see often. BUT no is easy, as there will be no repercussion if they did not like the finished article or changed their mind on what they wanted. You did well to say no, it does get easier. Sandra.

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rescuer by rescuer 24 Feb 2017

Thank you. I hadn't thought about the repercussions of the finished article.

by carolpountney 24 Feb 2017

Well done it's the hardest thing to do but I also find it hard to ask for anything and it's always a shock to me when people do not even say thank you you did great..

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rescuer by rescuer 24 Feb 2017

I think this may have been one of those cases.

by spendlove Moderator 24 Feb 2017

Saying "No" is always hard - but it does get easier after that first time!

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rescuer by rescuer 24 Feb 2017

I do hope it starts getting easier...I've tried it before without any relief in sight.

by katydid 24 Feb 2017

That is the exact reason I refuse to do alterations in clothing for people. They want it for nothing and they are never happy with the end result. I do my own alterations and my sweeties and no one else 's. Kay

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rescuer by rescuer 24 Feb 2017

I refuse to do alterations too -- but that is because I dislike doing them for anyone. It makes it easier to say no if you don't like the work involved. ;)

by Sewmum1 24 Feb 2017

Well done for saying no when you needed to. Sometimes that is one of the hardest things to do.

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rescuer by rescuer 24 Feb 2017

So true

by mlbell70 24 Feb 2017

some times I think people who do not do this work have no idea how time consuming a job can be.

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rescuer by rescuer 24 Feb 2017

She did not understand...

by bevintex 24 Feb 2017

If you work for free or even cheap word gets around and soon everyone will come knocking on your door. Good for you for saying no. Remember no one can walk on you unless you let them, Don't be their doormat

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rescuer by rescuer 24 Feb 2017

This is so true and one of the main reasons I needed to say no.

by dragonflyer 24 Feb 2017

I am so glad you were able to make this decision to say no...I know just how hard that is as I have a very hard time saying no...especially to those I know who are taking advantage...some say in my family I am a "pleaser" and they know how hard it is for me to say no...but that does not stop them from asking...good for you...

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rescuer by rescuer 24 Feb 2017

At least I know I am in good company :)

by maleah 23 Feb 2017

I do believe in Karma... You are a good person. Thank you for being a Cutie :)

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rescuer by rescuer 24 Feb 2017

Thank you for being a kind Cutie!