by katydid 19 Feb 2017

Cat pillows 18x18. This is a tapestry type panel and I know the colors are not current ,but could not resist the expression on the cat 's face. I will not make any more until I see if these sell. Kay


by katydid 21 Feb 2017

Thanks for your comments,

by basketkase 20 Feb 2017

You won't need fingers crossed, Kay, your work speaks for itself....these are gorgeous and the first kitty lover will snatch them up....even a non kitty person would love these.....great job!

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katydid by katydid 21 Feb 2017

I hope so!

by katydid 19 Feb 2017

Keep your fingers crossed for me!

by cfidl 19 Feb 2017

These are very cute. Hope they sell.

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katydid by katydid 19 Feb 2017

Me , too

by babash 19 Feb 2017

A cat lover will buy these cushions no problem.

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katydid by katydid 19 Feb 2017

That is what I am counting on!

by Sewmum1 19 Feb 2017

they look great. You can always try and advertise them through your local vet, animal rescue or pet shop if they don't sell (I can't imagine why they wouldn't sell though as they are lovely)

katydid by katydid 19 Feb 2017

Oh , My had not thought of that! I have spent $1000. to keep my Kiki alive this year. She had a bad year this year.

queenofhearts by queenofhearts 20 Feb 2017

I just paid $1500 for surgery for my Tigger but he is doing well and he is worth every cent I have spent. How do you put a price on the life of a pet/companion?

by sandralane 19 Feb 2017

The material is a super design, cat lovers could not resist in buying these beautiful pillows. I am sure that would sell like hot cakes...... Sandra.

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katydid by katydid 19 Feb 2017

I hope so

by pennifold 19 Feb 2017

They look fab Kay. I'm sure they will sell very quickly. ❤️ Chris

by killiecrankie 19 Feb 2017

Lovely fabric & a cat person will love it.
Personally I do not care about the latest trends, if I had this breed of cat I would buy this cushion.Have a few cushions with dog breeds that we have owned over the years.

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katydid by katydid 19 Feb 2017

I don't care about current fad also, but younger people seem to keep up . Kay