by castelyn 15 Feb 2017

The Cape Town cuties met, yesterday at Marthie's home. So busy chatting and catching up, forgot to take pictures until we were leaving.

Picture 1 - Tannie Ella, Elize, myself (Yvonne) and Ceceila.
Picture 2 - Tannie Ella, Elize,Marthie and Ceceila
Thanks ladies for a lovely day.


by lmari 22 Feb 2017

Ek glo was lekker gewees... xxx

by marthie 21 Feb 2017

It was a super day. We missed each other and will be meeting again in March. Thanks ladies.

by gerryvb 16 Feb 2017

wonderful you were able to meet each other again and had fun !!

by airyfairy 16 Feb 2017

So good to see you all again. Hugs to all.

by cfidl 16 Feb 2017

How wonderful! Thanks for posting.

by lidiad 16 Feb 2017

Nice to see you all again! Thank you for posting these pictures, Yvonne.
Hugs, Lidia

by katydid 15 Feb 2017

Love the post and the up date with photos. I wish we could do this every where. It would be great!

by jrob Moderator 15 Feb 2017

Wonderful! I have so missed your (our) get togethers! It's wonderful seeing you all again. Hugs.

by toogie 15 Feb 2017

It's so nice when friends get together, and what's even nicer, Cuties getting together!!! Lovely group of ladies. The sun is shinning bright where you are and so are the smiles!
I know you are Yvonne/castelyn in the multicolor flowered blouse, so match up the other Cuties for me by their Cute name, please.

by designgirl 15 Feb 2017

Beautiful pictures.So nice to see you posting again. Hugs Lynn.

by noah 15 Feb 2017

So nice to see you Yvonne hugs

by pennifold 15 Feb 2017

So glad to see you are still catching up with each other. Thanks for remembering to get a piccie of you all. Love Chris

by 8297608 15 Feb 2017

It was so nice to have the Cuties together again. Marieta we have missed you, but next time. Enjoyed the ladies so much

by asterixsew Moderator 15 Feb 2017

How lovely to see the Cape Town Cuties again. Thanks for remembering a picture and great that you al enjoyed yourselves

by dragonflyer 15 Feb 2017

That's so nice you can get together with fellow Cuties for a great time!

by graceandham 15 Feb 2017

Field Trip! Field Trip! Glad you have each other.

by lbrow 15 Feb 2017

How wonderful for you to be able to get together and enjoy one another. You all look terrific. Thanks so much for posting the pics so we could see how great you look. It really makes me smile /Lillian

by kryztyna 15 Feb 2017

And a great time was had by all! Love the pics. Christine in Johannesburg

by vickiannette 15 Feb 2017

so nice to be able to share a passion such as sewing/embroidery.