by mops Moderator 14 Feb 2017

Tea and laptops don't mix. Of course I knew, but yesterday I tested it out - accidentally. I tried rice which worked well for my DiL's phone after falling into the loo, but no mitigating effect on my laptop.

And now I only have my iPad (generation 1, so no longer supported and quite limited) and I can't access any embroidery designs. Replacement part not available for at least 5 (!) days. I already have withdrawal symptoms. I think I'll be sewing and knitting the coming days...


by marianb 16 Feb 2017

What a shame, we use to have a keyboard cover for our work computer not sure if they make them for laptops. Will have to look into that.. Marian

by manami 16 Feb 2017

Oh Martine, I am sorry to hear that... I had to buy a new computer, as the old one was shutting down on me all the time. I'm glad the new computer is very good, but I still have to buy microsoft office and install it. I hope you get your laptop working soon. Hugs, Yoriko

by vickiannette 16 Feb 2017

ouch! that 5 day wait is going to hurt. Time to get some other crafts done.

by katydid 15 Feb 2017

My computer is so old and I give it a prayer every day. I had this happen a long time ago and it was death to the computer. Hope you have luck fixing it. Kay

by jrob Moderator 15 Feb 2017

Oh, sister, bless your heart! That's so aggravating. I'm sorry.

by toogie 15 Feb 2017

Oh so sorry your 'testing' was so disastrous. I have a fear when I bring a cup of coffee in my sewing room, some mishap will occur.
Well, I love seeing what you make, so I look forward to the 'coming days' to see what you come up with.

by mad14kt 15 Feb 2017

AWE!!! WOW not a good experience. I hope you be back up and running in no time. I remember when I barely had a running computer or descent tablet.

by Sewmum1 15 Feb 2017

Oops I hope it works ok after it is repaired.

by lbrow 15 Feb 2017

So sorry to hear this Martine. Sometimes it's difficult to keep these tech items from harm and then we suffer the consequences, and we really do suffer if we lose our CP's or phone. Hope you get a new and improved soon./Lillian

by pennifold 14 Feb 2017

Sorry about that Martine but glad you can get a replacement part even though it's not straight away. Knowing you, you will find plenty of other things to keep you occupied. Love Chris

by graceandham 14 Feb 2017

That is a big withdrawal. Hope everything comes back as before.

by dragonflyer 14 Feb 2017

Oh how I feel your pain...I had a new laptop that my fell off the it's table when my furbaby decided to have a party in the family room and it crashed onto the floor shattering the screen...then only to rescue it as it still worked...shattered screen and all...and then a small leak in the roof of my sewing room dripped into the keyboard....then it was toast...a laptop not even two years old...fried...if I had only known my roof had a small leak before I tried to boot up my laptop..I probably could have done the rice fix...but no...turned it on and that was the end...said goodbye to everything on it and started over...lesson learned...I hope!

sewtired by sewtired 15 Feb 2017


katydid by katydid 15 Feb 2017

Oh my !

by 02kar Moderator 14 Feb 2017

Ouch! Thank goodness you have sewing and knitting to help make the time pass.

by rescuer Moderator 14 Feb 2017

I have a spare laptop -- just stop by and I will loan it to you.
Sorry you are computer-less. :(
I hope the part fixes it.

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katydid by katydid 15 Feb 2017

How close is stopping by?

by gerryb 14 Feb 2017

YIKES! Not good! Hope the part comes in early!

by gerryvb 14 Feb 2017

oh no, sorry for you. But it' s good thing a replacement is possible even if you have to wait several days. hope it will be fixed soon.

by crafter2243 Moderator 14 Feb 2017

Oh dear. I am so sorry. I am glad you can even get a part for it. Glad you have other hobbies to keep mind and fingers happy.

by asterixsew Moderator 14 Feb 2017

Oh I do feel for you. The plus point is that you are able to get the damaged bit replaced. Oh the daft things that we do. I hope that the next few days pass quickly for you

by sewtired 14 Feb 2017

Oh Boo! I'm so sorry. My phone dropped out of my pocket in the loo too. I quickly fetched it out, powered down and took the case and back off of it to dry it out and let it set a few days. It functions just fine now. Wish I had some good advice for the laptop.