by marfa 13 Feb 2017

I want to show you my little boxer puppies - 4 months old and the other 6 months old. They are so cute!


by basketkase 19 Feb 2017

OMG, their faces are so amazing.......beautiful animals!!!

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marfa by marfa 20 Feb 2017


by sewydog1 19 Feb 2017

Oh what beautiful pictures with faithful looks. Boxer are so wonderful dogs, allways lucky and have fun for everyone, but all the same very good guard-friends - I love them too.

by Sewmum1 18 Feb 2017

Such cuties and bundles of mischief

by maisiebo 17 Feb 2017

ADORABLE and twice the fun

by marianb 14 Feb 2017

Very sweet puppies..

by cfidl 13 Feb 2017

Cute puppies, and they will grow so big!

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marfa by marfa 14 Feb 2017

how big is big? :-)

by graceandham 13 Feb 2017

My uncle always had boxers. These have such sweet, sincere faces and I know will bring you much joy!

by bemara 13 Feb 2017

so cute your puppies, two little ladys? the both has you wrapped around the paw - or? I hope you must still repair nothing, the sharp teeth come only. A lot of fun with the fur noses :-) hugs Maria =^..^=

by 02kar Moderator 13 Feb 2017

Two beautiful puppies! Enjoy them and keep showing them off. We love to see our Cute animals.

by jrob Moderator 13 Feb 2017

Oh, my, what precious pups! We haven't been able to get another puppy since we lost our boxer. He was like a child to us. They are so much fun and fiercely loyal.

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marfa by marfa 14 Feb 2017

Yes, they are great. I lost my boxer last year and I deside take 2 new girls.

by pennifold 13 Feb 2017

These are adorable, my neighbour has a nearly 2 year old and he is so boisterous! His name is Gus and loves nothing more than having a run in our back reserve. Love Chris

by jeanfoz 13 Feb 2017

Ah bless, Jean xx

by crafter2243 Moderator 13 Feb 2017

I agree they are soooo cute. The one on the right does not look to pleased about having his picture taken.

marfa by marfa 14 Feb 2017

Yes, she is elder and knows more interesting things

craphael by craphael 18 Feb 2017

They are so adorable!