by mops Moderator 07 Feb 2017

I have been playing with the inbuilt decorative stitches of my machine. Since I have an embroidery machine (1992) I have used those very infrequently.

First I made the two denim swatches, using resp. 2 and 3 different stitches to get an overall design.
Then I mad the A5 notebook cover incorporating bias tape.
Lastly I wanted to make a flower design. So I programmed two different stitches (a 'tulip' and a leaf stitch) to one sequence, draw 3 chalk lines and made the small bouquet. The middle is just the leaves without the tulip and I added a daisy from a narrow flower lace, for no other reason than there being a small hole in my scrap. Less sophisticated than a machine embroidered flower, but a lot of fun.

I intend to use an all-over design to make the yoke of a child's dress. And the small sample I'll turn into coin purses.


by noah 10 Feb 2017

Love to play *****get job****

by pennifold 07 Feb 2017

These are great Martine and such perfect stitching. Great job, love Chris

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mops by mops 07 Feb 2017

Thank you. Used the Ruby and let the machine do the work.

by toogie 07 Feb 2017

I like the use of decorative stitches. I think it takes something boring to eye catching. I have some of the stitches you do, but don't know how you did the little flower leaves/stems. Of course digitizing is Greek to me.
It all looks well and evenly spaced.

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mops by mops 07 Feb 2017

Well, I digitised nothing. On my machine you can program the single repeats of different stitches into a mixed sequence. That's what I did in the flower: tulip 1x, leaves 2x. Sketched 3 lines with tailor's chalk on the fabric and sewed along those lines.
For the spacing I used the width of the foot - and draw a line along a ruler to start straight.

by crafter2243 Moderator 07 Feb 2017

Love the result you get. True I had not made use of my decorative stitches till I saw one of Sues trials. Now I am finishing off a Quilt where I had so much fun testing them.

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mops by mops 07 Feb 2017

I have been doing that too. Before ME I made stitch combinations to make broad stripes and that's what I had not done in a long time. Let's say I rediscovered the fun of it.

by jenne 07 Feb 2017

I like the one u made into a flower, some of these I have on my machine I used them on my crazy patch.

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mops by mops 07 Feb 2017

I too use it for crazy patchwork. So much faster than doing by hand.

by spendlove Moderator 07 Feb 2017

So effective - I try to use my inbuilt stitches as often as possible. They do look great on denim don't they?

mops by mops 07 Feb 2017

Yes, they do. But the less dense benefit from a thicker thread.

spendlove by spendlove 07 Feb 2017

I like to use cotton thread.

by sdrise 07 Feb 2017

They look so nice! I love playing with the built in stitches too.

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mops by mops 07 Feb 2017

Thank you, it's fun isn't it.