by hightechgrammy 03 Feb 2017

Does anyone here use Embrilliance digitizing software?

I would love to know which modules should I get to begin. I have digitized for about 6 years, so I will need the Stitch Artist 3. Why would I need to purchase the Alpha Tricks?


by powagrl 05 Feb 2017

There is a Facebook group that is just for Stitch Artist called StitchArtist Addicts. I use the paid version of Alpha Tricks & love it. There is also a free version of Alpha Tricks that you can use with more limitations.
Check out the you tube videos from Embrilliance/Briton Leap.

by AMDACOUDRE 05 Feb 2017

Hello, I hope my message can help you. I am part of a group facebook embrilliance. It's a group of helpers. This may help. I am writing from France. Good night. AMD
group name : Brilliant Embrilliance Embroidery

by mrskiki 04 Feb 2017

I love Embrilliance. Alpha Tricks allows you to take fonts and alphabets you already have in your library and convert them to BX format and thus be able to use them in Essentials to type out words rather than having to add each individual letter and line them up. If you can digitize and save in BX format you probably don't need Alpha Tricks. Hugs. Nan W