by sjbrower 01 Feb 2017

Miss Ella gets a new nightie. Fabric was left over from a nightgown that I made for my mom (flannel back satin). I had forgotten how much I don't like sewing slippery things! But our girly-girl Ella will love it.

The design is from Applique Corner. It's a size 3, but sure looks bigger.


by sonjapotgieter 02 Feb 2017

So Beautiful!!!!So adorable

by serendipity79 02 Feb 2017

it looks so good it could also be used to go out with, not just as a nightie! great job!

by dragonflyer 01 Feb 2017

Nicely done...looks like it would be great with a pair of leggins too!

by babash 01 Feb 2017

When I first saw it I thought what a pretty Dress. Didn't think it was a nightie.
Looks so lovely.

by pennifold 01 Feb 2017

Well done and Miss Ella will certainly love it. Love Chris

by noah 01 Feb 2017

i hate sewing with that two but my serger likes it so there a teem lol
Lovely work*****hugs oh and the color is OH LA LA****

by laurasomi 01 Feb 2017

It looks very cute, you did a great job