by knitty46 31 Jan 2017

Hi. Those of you who use VP3 designs what program do you use to see all of your dedigns at once to pick out for a project? I have a PED-DESIGN for my Brother PE 750D. I need something like this for my Topaz 25. Any suggestions


by lmmattern 19 Feb 2017

Go to viking website and download 6D free basic. After installation you do not need to open it just go to folder you want to see the designs look on top click on view and select large. Let me know if need more info.

by rsloan 13 Feb 2017

I agree with below - Embrilliance Thumbnailer is terrific - and they are very helpful with responding to email questions.

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jobaby by jobaby 14 Feb 2017

Agree. jobaby

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by mops Moderator edited 01 Feb 2017

In the Topaz 25 brochure they state you can download free software - did you get that. It should enable you to see your designs and print catalogues.
I had a look at the USA site and found this in the brochure - see picture. Can't find it on the site, so ask your dealer about it.

mops by mops edited 01 Feb 2017

Worth trying to get the free software before buying something else.

knitty46 by knitty46 06 Feb 2017

Thank you mops

by mrskiki 01 Feb 2017

Take a look at Thumbnailer from Embrilliance. It lets you see all your designs in pictures so you can choose. Great stand alone program. Hugs. Nan W

by Kampfzwerg 31 Jan 2017

Hi knitty, I use Embird an Embird Iconizer. Works great

by noah 31 Jan 2017

i use vp3 and see mine in Sew what pro ****

knitty46 by knitty46 31 Jan 2017

I forgot you use VP3. Where do I get sew whay pro at and is it free

crafter2243 by crafter2243 31 Jan 2017

Sewwhat Pro costs $ 65.00

pennifold by pennifold 01 Feb 2017

I use this also! Love Chris