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by Leaha ( edited 26 Jan 2017 ) 26 Jan 2017

OOPS I goofed.

Here is some hand embroidery I have been doing while helping with ill family members. These were all found in a thrift store and are the older stamped patterns. For me it's painting with thread...therapy. I'm so grateful that my mom taught me this craft. I used my scanner and they aren't the best...thanks for looking anyway. :~)


by marianamin2003 25 Feb 2017

Beautiful. Hand embroidery is always best. :-)

by basketkase 02 Feb 2017

You truly have a handle on the hand embroidery work......these are fabulous!

by pennyhal2 27 Jan 2017

I'm sorry that a member of your family is ill. It is good of you to spend time with them. Your embroidery is fabulous!

by Sewmum1 26 Jan 2017

Sorry to hear your family has been ill. Great way to pass the time. They are beautiful

by 02kar Moderator 26 Jan 2017

What a lucky find! I love them all but then my second love was hand embroidery. I enjoy doing this still while sitting on the couch next to my handsome hubby.

by carolpountney 26 Jan 2017

Love your hand work I still do hand embroidery and still love it sometimes I alternate between quilting blocks and hand embroidery. Love to see others doing this type of work

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Leaha by Leaha 26 Jan 2017

Thanks, I do the quilt blocks then have find a different venues to use them as I don't quilt. :)

by crafter2243 Moderator 26 Jan 2017

Beautiful!!!!!! I am so glad you chose to repost your wonderful hand embroidery. I am missing the Hummingbird in this post. All are gorgeous.

Leaha by Leaha 26 Jan 2017

You can't see it because it fluttered away :~) Oh look it came back; lucky for us. Thanks again for you kind help

crafter2243 by crafter2243 26 Jan 2017

Ahhh. There he is.

by rescuer Moderator 26 Jan 2017

I am so glad you reposted here in the Community. I would have missed these handmade pieces of heaven. My grandmother tried to teach me this amongst other crafty things. As she has passed on, I have found more things that remind me of her than while she was yet living.
Thank you for sharing your work.

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Leaha by Leaha 26 Jan 2017

Thanks rescuer. I have tons of items my mom herself emb and feel really blessed. I even have her cedar chest to store and rotate the items in. When she was alive we spent hours doing lots of embroidery.

by graceandham 26 Jan 2017

You have been busy! I did my first hand embroidery on an old pillowcase, following the lines my Mother drew on there in pencil. Doesn't hand sewing feel like a tribute to Mom? Now back to some faster stitching? Oh, I forgot, my favorite is the standing bunny.

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Leaha by Leaha 26 Jan 2017

Yes, it is a tribute to Mom. Thanks I like the bunny too. I'm always fascinated how they look after done. Thanks :)